Feb 8, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 54 -The Root Of Our Problems?

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Resistance is the spice of life. We need to talk about what's really going on. It's time to face what we're up against. There's a small group of people trying to take over the world by luring the fools into traps. Don't be fooled! Listen to The Torch Report daily to get the "truth you can trust" and stay wise to all the lies! The Torch Report = Intelligent perspectives for curious people. You'll want to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out and please don't forget to share!
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What do Canadian truckers and crack addicts have in common? 

They both have free will. 

That said, personal choice is a double-edged sword. This episode is a heart-to-heart about the underlying problems that plague society, and why government solutions continue to fail.

Humanity is messy. The spirit of freedom, the expression of individual liberty, manifests in many forms. The instinctual urge to do things our own way is as undeniable as it is irrepressible.

Acknowledging this is a critical step in finding practical solutions to societal issues — central control and more government programs are clearly not the answer.

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