Feb 22, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 64 - The Pain of Perpetual Conflict

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Perpetual conflict is worse than war.

Why is that? Because, in theory, war has the finite objective to put an end to conflict. Warring factions finally clash and have it out, and once the dust settles, peace can finally ensue. It's like the classic school yard scrap, and once all the hooting and hollering is over, everybody simply goes home.

Unfortunately, war on the global scale is much more messy. People die. Cities are destroyed. Innocent people suffer. The destruction of war decimates the civilian population, all while lining the coffers of the great war machine, and filling the coffins of brave young souls.

War is a terrible thing, but it is not as dangerous or destructive as perpetual conflict.

Perpetual conflict is driven by an ideological battle that is rooted in opposite beliefs. Perpetual conflict means there will be no peace, not now, not someday soon, not ever. Perpetual conflict fuels perpetual wars, pushing humanity closer and closer toward the brink of genocide and the elimination of entire cultures.

Right now, we are stuck in perpetual conflict. Those who seek to divide and conquer are watching their seeds bare fruit. Chaos abounds. Distracted, confused, and scared, the general public doesn't know who to cheer for -- Who's right? Who's wrong? Whose telling the truth? Whose lying through their teeth?

How do we know who's on the right side of history?

Having recently laid bare the Communist intent to take over the world, it would be prudent to revisit the COVID-19 plandemic in light of the Great Reset. To discern who's right and who's wrong, and who's on the right side of history, we have to parse the propaganda and expose the underlying intent.

There is a direct connection between Communism and the weaponization of medicine. It lies in the desire for power and control. Whatever the purpose, regardless of the purported objectives, covid policies have dramatically expanded government control, causing irreparable harm to the innocent citizens who have faithfully followed rules, and pouring salt on festering societal wounds.

Covid has been a cornucopia for the global cabal. That is precisely why many are suspicious that the whole thing was planned. Millions of people around the globe believe that Covid is a myth, which is an astounding fact, given the relentless propaganda and censoring of dissenting perspectives.

Yet, truth is shining through the fissures in society, and people continue to wake up to the reality that global tyrants will stop at nothing to trounce liberty and forcefully take over the world. This insatiable desire for total control is what is fueling perpetual conflict, and even great degrees of suffering will inevitably ensue.

That is why, even as some prominent health officials are admitting that the government has been lying all along, Joe Biden rather indiscreetly extended the covid-induced National Emergency indefinitely, stating rather bluntly:

"There remains a need to continue this national emergency."

He cites the fact that more than 900,000 people have died, but conveniently leaves out the fact that 99.8% of the population has survived -- despite the hellish and despotic destruction of our entire way of life. Biden is completely out of touch with the painful reality he has inflicted upon the American people, and the very real suffering that has come as the cost of medical tyranny.

But, Biden is not alone in his shortsightedness. His global bro Justin Trudeau is also flexing his authoritarian muscles, invoking the federal "Emergencies Act" for the first time in Canadian history. He now has the "authority" to smite the unsightly Trucker Convoy, and end the budding Canadian rebellion.

Curious about what this petty-tyrant can do with his new found powers?

  • Order martial law, giving federal police jurisdiction over local authorities.

  • Prohibit people from peacefully assembling in public spaces.

  • Commandeer private property to use for the cause. 

  • Compel people to render services -- whether they want to or not.

  • Immediately freeze and seize the financial assets of any opposition.

If you don't like these orders, and dare protest or contest his new found authority, you will be fined and imprisoned -- but probably not before you are beaten by a mob of military-clad police, or trampled under the hooves of his mounted gestapo.

This is serious stuff. Are Canadians okay with this? Are Americans okay with this?

Can't you see? The writing is on the wall. These guys are in the same club. What they do in one country, they can do in another. Whether it's forcing people into compulsory testing, or fining and imprisoning them for refusing to submit experimental genetic therapies, these stooges are being used by the global elites to implement the Great Reset -- and they believe they are right for doing so.

How this all plays out is up to us. Liberty is being trampled under the boots of tyrants, and all it will take for evil to succeed, is for good men and women of all colors and creeds, to do nothing but sit back and watch. 

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