Feb 14, 2022 • 15M

Ep. 58 - Is This The Tipping Point?

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War drums are drumming.

Tension is brimming in Eastern Europe. Has this become more than just a distraction? Do they plan to go through with it? Is the world going to war? Everybody’s asking!

My first inclination of the “Russian Invasion” narrative was that it was just a convenient distraction from Biden’s abysmal ratings and failure to defeat COVID-19. That may still be the case, but the actual threat of war has escalated dramatically in the last week.

Here’s what up:

  • U.S. State Department spook Ned Price accused Russians of staging fake videos to justify a military invasion. When asked for evidence, the response was: “I’m sorry you are doubting the information that is in the possession of the U.S. government.”

  • Why would we ever conceive of doubting our government? Perhaps because they have a long established track record of lying. Or, potentially because we are skeptical that this was just a ploy to justify maneuvering troops, and further put pressure on Russia.

  • Along with thousands of troops moving into the area, off the coast on the other side of the country, Russian war ships just chased away a U.S. Submarine. Russians claim the sub was in territorial waters, but the U.S. disputes this claim. The question is: Who gets to decide?

  • The situation is tense enough that diplomats are being evacuated from various embassies, and Americans are being told to get out of the country and stay away from Ukraine.

  • As of Saturday, February 12th, 2022, the headlines are lit up with signals of imminent war and Biden has warned Putin of “swift and severe” consequences should Russia choose to invade — or, perhaps, if some sinister intelligence agency stages some footage, just to spark it all off.

  • The Kremlin claims that an “atmosphere of unprecedented hysteria” is being artificially inflated by the U.S, warning that the situation “has simply been brought to the point of absurdity.”

What is clear, is that the situation could quickly spiral out of control. One slip of the trigger might set off another shot heard round the world. It could be an accident. It could be intentional. It could be little more that political posturing gone wrong. But does anyone really win in war?

The honest answer is yes. The truth is, there are some who benefit from war, and the elite stand to benefit the most — just like they do from every other crisis. It goes like this: 1) Present or create a problem, 2) Provide a strategic solution, 3) Profit from production 4) Increase and justify authority, and 5) Consolidate political power. Repeat this process and take over the world.

How this will all play out is anyone’s guess, but all out war is clearly not off the table. The world will must watch in suspense to find out just how desperate and belligerent our leaders have become.

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