Apr 19, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 98 - Hysterical Passengers Afraid of Bare-Face Humans

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Happy Unmasking Day!

You've probably heard the news: A naive and inexperienced Trump-appointed judicial activist with no medical qualifications has openly defied The Science and struck down the CDC's mask mandates -- prompting wild howls of sacrilege and blasphemy from the Covidian Cult.

U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle said the CDC improperly failed to justify its continued decision to force the use of masks on planes, trains, and public transit, declaring the mandates to be unlawful, “Because our system does not permit agencies to act unlawfully even in pursuit of desirable ends."

Noting that mask mandates violate the Administrative Procedure Act and are outside the scope of the CDC's authority, with a brazen and bold stroke of the pen, Judge Mizelle has forced the CDC to walk-back its April 13th decision to extend mask mandates. This in turn means that the Transportation Security Administration can no longer cite The Science as a valid reason for violating bodily autonomy and trampling individual liberties.

Instead, they will be focusing on implementing gender-neutral screening, investing some $18.6 million to replace their current "gender-based" Advanced Imaging Technology.

The White House has said the court ruling means that the mask order “is not in effect at this time” -- at least not for now. And, while many Americans are cheering the decision, ripping off their masks as the announcement was made mid-flight, Jen Psaki was quick to make clear:

“This is obviously a disappointing decision.”

Psaki also points out that the CDC still recommends wearing a mask on public transit, they just can't force a mask on your face. All this exciting news comes even as Dr. Fauci is making the media rounds claiming that herd immunity might not apply to COVID-19 and reassuring the American public that new deadly variants will be coming soon.

As news spread of the lifted restrictions, angry liberals are lashing out at the fact that they now have to travel next to bare-faced human beings. One man, who happens to be an ER physician and Twitter activist, has expressed outrage that his unvaccinated 4 year old has to ride on an airplane next to unmasked passengers.

Many progressives are now canceling their travel plans, demanding that airlines do more to keep them safe from the invisible enemy that has been haunting their dreams for more than two years now. Some concerned citizens are now asking the experts at CNN, "Can I still wear a mask if I want to?" According to CNN, not only can private citizens still wear a mask if they choose to, they opine that passengers should keep their mask on -- that way they can still feel safe when traveling next to bare-face, wild-type human beings.

Is this the peak of insanity? Unfortunately, no, it's probably not the peak just yet. Local municipalities are now openly defying the court ruling and continuing to enforce the illegal mask mandates. While Puget Sound ferries in Washington State are dropping their mask rules, most Seattle area public transit agencies are keeping theirs -- and similar virtue signalling has broke out in blue cities all across the country.

While there is ample scientific evidence that actually could make people feel safe -- by helping them realize the survival rate for COVID-19 is over 99% for instance -- there is little hope in penetrating the propaganda that has poisoned the collective mind of the Left. The outcome of more than two years of sophisticated psy-ops and mass hysteria has generated a new religious cult that has captivated the nation.

Thus, while any clear minded and sane individual can laugh at all this insanity, we would be wise to realize just how sick society has become, and that there is no easy cure for the disease of delusion.

If you are still trying to reach out to affected family and friends and gently shake them awake from this delusion, the Shifting Perspective presentation is an excellent resource:

Shifting Perspective: Analyzing the Science of COVID-19

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