Apr 14, 2022 • 15M

Ep. 95 - Satirically Sifting Through Headline News

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Where the focus goes, the energy flows.

This is a tenant of martial arts, and it is widely applicable to everyday life -- even in making sense of the news and media propaganda. Using the tool of intelligent inquiry, the curious mind may ask questions that slice through the fluff and discover the substantive issues concealed by the illusion of crafted narrative.

This is an essential step in solving the problems that seem to be plaguing every aspect of society. We cannot solves problems if we do not understand the dynamics at play. Even worse, by failing to account for what is not being said -- and by extension, what is not even being considered -- we remain blind to the various forces that are foisting their destructive agenda upon an unsuspecting public.

The good news is, we can begin to overcome this oversight with a few simple questions: What is the general direction of public attention? What are we being led to think about? And most importantly, what is not being talked about in the news today?

Here are a few conspicuously missing issues of concern:

  • There is no mention of hate crimes.

    • But we do find scenes of a horrendous premeditated slaughter in a New York subway, carried out by a "person of color" who was hunting for "whitey" in the name of Black Jesus. Authorities are still trying to determine his motivations -- as they do mental gymnastics to avoid acknowledging the racially motivated crime.

  • There is no mention of election integrity.

    • But we do find paranoid liberal activists, deeply disturbed by Biden's dismal approval ratings and the upcoming midterms, out there pushing to make voting compulsory. By enforcing “mandatory attendance at the polls” -- under the threat of fines, public shaming, and community service -- these degenerates believe they will be advancing democracy.

  • There is no mention of communist infiltration.

    • But we do find a couple of comedians discussing the lack of commonsense on the political left. As Joe Rogan and Bill Maher lambaste their liberal counterparts -- declaring that Democrats have become completely detached from reality and "bogged down in woke esoterica" -- they fail to realize the party has been taken over by avowed communists.

Of course, these are not the issues that we are to be concerned about.

Instead, the media intends for us to be outraged at the Great Russian Tyrant, remain fixated on a conflict that's happening half-way around the world, and support massive shipments of heavy weaponry to Ukrainian peasants, so that we can greatly enrich the military-industrial-complex right here at home.

We are also supposed to be giddy about federal agencies unveiling "sweeping plans" for racial justice -- like weaponizing the EPA to proactively investigate civil rights violations, and focusing the Department of Homeland Security's efforts on transgender equality in airports. 

On top of this, we should remain exceedingly grateful that the government continues to protect us from an invisible enemy, by extending mandatory masking for American citizens -- all while simultaneously scrapping requirements for hordes of illegal immigrants.

Advocates of free speech and free everything else should also be concerned with Elon Musk's "hostile take over" of Twitter, celebrate the Washington Post's awards for its "Reimagine Safety" series, and rest assured that establishment Republicans will still not repeal Obamacare -- even if they win both chambers of Congress during the midterm elections.

With so much to take in, it's no wonder the majority of Americans seem to miss the fact that institutionalized hate is poisoning the heart and soul of our country, political corruption is running absolutely rampant through the DC swamp and state capitals, and that local commies are doing the bidding of the globalist regime behind the Great Reset.

What's the average citizen to do? Take heart my friends, as long as we can still talk about what's not being talked about, there is still hope that we can solve the problem of systemic insanity, restore the principles of liberty and justice for all, and secure a future worth having.

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