Apr 5, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 91 - Will The Dollar Be Dethroned?

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What’s the big news?

Let me just read a few headlines for you:

Now, despite being the talk of the town, that’s not the big news. As the MSM blathers on about alleged war crimes, building the case for even stiffer sanctions, and ratcheting up rhetoric to fever-pitch levels, there is another story lurking beneath the shiny, slimy surface of the media cesspool.

But, but, but… the pictures, the videos, there is so much evidence that Putin is evil!

To be clear: I am not being callous, I am being logical. I did not say there were no war crimes. I did not say that Russia hasn’t done anything wrong. What I am saying, is that rational thinking requires we suspend emotional reaction and sift through the shift in search for other facts that are relevant to the situation. As always, there is much more to the story.

Consider another line up of headlines:

You may recall from Ep. 89 – The Greatest Economy Ever, that global forces are in a “mutating economic war” against Russia — a war that “only NATO can win” — via the consolidation of economic might and enhancement of “coercive” powers. Of course, all of this will inevitably lead to a great deal of pain for the peasantry, and the blame will be pegged on Putin.

Whether it’s the food shortages, outrageous gas prices, bare shelves, rampant inflation, destruction of the dollar, or the complete collapse of our economy, we all know who’s to blame for our suffering — and it’s not supposed to be Joe Biden. In fact, some speculate that by blaming everything on Putin, Biden can continue to push his destructive progressive agenda, because now he has nothing to lose.

It’s important to keep in mind, that it doesn’t have to be this way. This is all part of the plan. The Great Reset is upon us, and facilitating this “fundamental transformation” requires the destruction of life as we know it — or to quote the Communist Manifesto:

“They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” p.102

So, I’m curious: Is there any connection between Russian War Crimes and the Great Economic Reset?

The articles above present the possibility that Putin, by moving to gold, has out maneuvered the Western Alliance. In doing so, Russia has initiated a chain reaction that could represent a huge paradigm shift in global finance — and ultimately challenge the globalist grip on fiat currency.

What we find beneath the headlines, is a power struggle that goes straight to the top. Who gets to control the world’s economy? Is it the central bankers? Is it the EU, NATO, and the US? Is it the World Bank, the IMF, or the people pushing buttons behind the curtain at SWIFT? 

If the global cabal can seize and freeze the assets of entire nations — which they’ve been recently bragging about — how does this affect the sentiment of other sovereign nations, like say India or China? If the rules can be changed on a whim, and you can get kicked out of the global economic game simply for not falling in line with the latest agenda — where’s the incentive to play along?

Could it be that the arrogance of the global elite has finally come back to bite them in the ass? Could it be that the cabal doesn’t have quite as much control as they think they have? Could it be that trying to destroy entire nations in order to institute a New World Order might backfire? Could it be that there is greater resistance to The Great Reset than they have anticipated? One could only hope.

What is certain at this point, is that this power struggle is far from over. One question that keeps tickling the back of my mind: What are they willing to do to see this plan through?

My guess is that they’ll stop at nothing to consolidate power and assert their control. What that means to me, is that while we can continue to hope for the best, the wise should prepare for the worst.

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