Apr 4, 2022 • 24M

Ep. 90 - You THINK It Will Never Happen?

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Anything is possible.

Especially in times of crisis. Especially when the government is trying to protect us. After all, what could possibly be more important than saving lives and preventing unnecessary death?

Is individual liberty more important than someone else's life? Is personal freedom more important than the greater good? Is medical autonomy, bodily integrity, or personal choice more important than what government officials claim is best for you, your children, or your community?

The reality is that different people answer these questions in different ways. There is an ideological divide, rooted in socially conditioned beliefs, that causes people to approach the topic of "what's best" from wildly different angles. It is imperative that we understand these are irreconcilable differences -- and they are not going to go away.

Remember the Shanghai lockdown of some 26 million people I mentioned last week? Turns out their initial 9 day lockdown was insufficient. Now the Chinese government is scrambling to stop the spread, taking up drastic measures to do so -- by forcefully separating children from their parents:

"Parents who brought their children in for treatment have seen them taken by authorities and moved to official quarantine facilities, often leaving families in the dark about their childrens' condition. When both parent and child have tested positive, doctors have used threats to browbeat families into compliance. In some cases, children as young as 3 months old have reportedly been separated from their breast-feeding mothers."

Can you hear the gut wrenching wails of a scared child? Can you hear the desperation in the parent's voice as they beg to stay with their children? What would you do if a government official tried to forcefully take your child out of your arms? Would you just accept that it's for the greater good?

It bothers me that some people would attempt to justify this behavior -- the government callously separating children from their families -- but what bothers me even more, is that the government assumes it has the authority to do so. If they can lay claim to our offspring, in the name of the greater good, what can they NOT do?

Let's not forget, this is all happening under Communist rule. Furthermore, it would be wise to recall these disturbing words from the Communist Manifesto:

"Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists... [but] the family will vanish as a matter of course... to this crime we plead guilty." (p61, emphasis added)

So the question arises: Is the Chinese Communist Party separating children from their families because of "public health and safety" -- or because this is all part of their ideological goals?

Going a step further, one might speculate that "public health and safety" has become the all encompassing justification needed to convince unsuspecting plebes that government has unlimited authority over every aspect of their lives -- including the authority to take children away from their parents, because of the menacing threat of an invisible enemy.

None of this is logical. It's not meant to be. Communism, socialism, and progressive ideals in general, prey upon the primitive emotional mind. Bypassing the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for critical thinking, they inject ideas into the subconscious, planting seeds of socialism that take root like weeds in the garden of thought. This is intentional and calculated. This is why they want your kids.

Unfortunately, their tactics work just as well on emotionally immature minds, of which there is no shortage in modern society. Communists are also adept at plying minds with sustained uncertainty and elevated levels of stress, which heightens suggestibility and ultimately diminishes the mental capacity to resist authority -- all of which is known and predictable human behavior.

In Battle For The Mind, William Sargant exposes how politicians and preachers can hijack emotions to change your beliefs and behavior -- whether you are aware of it or not. He calls this the "physiology of conversion and brainwashing." Documenting the fact that heightened emotion spreads like a "sympathetic contagion" and leads to "transference," Sargant makes this chilling note:

"...this instinct of imitation ... is also united with a loss of all power over the will, which occurs as soon as the impression on the sense has become firmly established." p.141

Former CIA Director Allen Dulles put it this way:

"The human mind is the most delicate of all instruments. It is so finely adjusted, so susceptible to the impact of outside influences that it is proving a malleable tool in the hands of sinister men."

In essence, by ratcheting up stress and uncertainty, by elevating the powerful emotions of anger and fear, government officials can very effectively control the public mind, and steer it in whatever direction they desire. Remember how covid propaganda provoked public panic and prompted the preemptive measures that persist to this day?

I'm sure there are those who will scoff at this talk of Communism and brainwashing, and that's fine. No doubt they fail to see any connection between historical precedent, current evidence, and the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, many people actually refuse to see the connection -- they are psychologically incapable of accepting reality, and disconnect as a means of coping.

This is what is known as the Stockholm Syndrome. In Dark Persuasion: A History of Brainwashing from Pavlov to Social Media, Joel Dimsdale explains it like this:

"In the face of sudden unexpected life-threatening captivity lasting for days, it is striking that the hostages became unaccountably fond of their captors and distrustful of the people who were trying to rescue them." p.129

Think about people who are still wearing masks when they enter public spaces. We may try to assure them that it's safe to breathe fresh air, but they are weary of being deceived. We could show them the evidence that masks do not work, but they would deny the science as misinformation. We could point out that no one has the authority to cover their face and restrict their breathing -- but they sincerely believe their government captors are really trying to protect them.

And they believe the government is trying to protect us as well -- and therein lies the rub. How do evil tyrants pull off heinous crimes against humanity? By convincing the majority of people that it's necessary. That means that when really bad things start happening, most people will accept that it's all for the greater good, because the government is protecting them from people who disagree.

It is we who disagree who are the great threat to humanity. If we disagree with masking and forced vaccinations, we are a threat to our community. If we disagree with the climate crisis, we are a threat to the planet. If we disagree with the current political agenda, we are a threat to democracy.

If you and I disagree with the collectivist tenets of Communism, then we are standing in the way of progress. Understand that anyone who opposes central control, global governance, and socialist principles, is a threat to the New World Order.

It will be said that we are destabilizing democracy, threatening public health and safety, and clinging to delusions about individuality and freedom. It will be said that we need to be re-educated, excluded, and even removed from society. It will be said that we are the problem that needs to be solved -- that We The People are the only obstacle standing in the way of global peace and harmony.

What will be their ultimate solution? If history is any indication, it won't be good. As governments continue to crackdown on freedom loving extremists, the masses will cheer them on. All the while, many good people will continue to THINK it will never happen -- until the atrocity finally hits home. 

Society is sick and too few people see it -- which is precisely why we need to talk about it.

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