Mar 30, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 87 - Who's Making The Rules Here?

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Rudeness can be contagious.

That line comes from an article in the Atlantic titled: Why Are People Acting So Weird? Citing spikes in crimes, alcohol consumption, drug overdoses, unruly passengers on airplanes, and a host of other bizarre behaviors, the assessment summed up the situation by pointing out the obvious fact that people are extremely stressed out -- and is there any wonder why? The conclusion is this:

"Americans don’t really like each other very much right now.”

Have you felt that? There is a certain hostility that seems to hang in the air of public spaces. Even though most mask mandates have been lifted, there are still a lot of people wearing masks -- people who are choosing to wear a mask, whether it be for the sake of virtue signaling or simply because they are still scared witless of COVID-19. Either way, the presence of masked patrons is a raw reminder of the two years of hell we've all suffered, and the countless encounters with mask-nazis that came with it.

Not being able to see a person's face makes it difficult to read their emotions and intent. This creates an inherent disconnect and decreases our ability to empathize and relate to one another. Masks are also a very visual reminder of the deep ideological divides that are destroying our country -- a telltale sign that we are not all on the same team, and we have radically different visions for the future.

On the left, we have acceptance, compliance, and kumbaya, as hordes of useful idiots continue to parrot propaganda, embrace the new surveillance state, and welcome the New World Order with arms wide open.

On the right, we have rejection, frustration, and mobilization of the Liberty Movement, as millions of freedom loving Americans fight to remind their neighbors and elected representatives of the principles that used to unite us.

It's difficult to stake out a middle ground in this game for global control. There are those who are for a new world order, and there are those who are against a new world order. There are those who champion the need for more global regulations, ostensibly to combat climate change and save the planet, and there are those who castigate the consolidation of power and control. One might ask: Who's making the rules here?

If we were to dig into why Americans don't like each other right now, the simplest answer would boil down to questions of authority. Who has the authority to force a mask on my face, shove a swab up my nose, or stick a needle in my arm? Who has the authority to tell me I can't leave my house, can't go to work, can't travel freely, and can't visit with loved ones? Are we now slaves to the state?

Must we all simply shut up, pay our taxes, and accept this abuse? Is this really all about just doing our part, for the greater good? Who gets to decide what the greater good actually looks like? What if we disagree? Can we talk about these new global rules? Or are they just going to be implemented, without our knowing, against our will, and under the threat of force?

Who's making these rules anyhow? It would be wise to realize that the majority of people have never considered these questions, and that they have no inclination to do so. Ignorance is bliss, as they say, and it's easier to believe the best about our benevolent leaders -- that they really are looking out for the greater good, driven by altruistic intent, and not just a dark desire to consolidate power. 

From the global to the local level, there are far too few people who are willing to step into the public square and challenge the status quo. The vast majority of people simply go with the flow -- and not just because this is the path of least resistance, but because it is in fact human nature. Humanity naturally responds to strong leadership, whether those wielding power are good or evil, trying either to improve the human condition or advance their own despotic agenda.

At the end of the day, what We The People are up against is our own apathy. Yes, we can see what's going on. Yes, we know that what is going on is wrong. Yes, we realize that a global consolidation of power is probably not a good thing. Yes, we feel the pain and frustration stemming from the persistent erosion of our personal rights. But will most people do anything about it? Unfortunately, no -- most people are too busy, too distracted, or too timid to challenge the people in charge.

However, in every generation there are those who are willing to step up, to step out of their comfort zone, to speak truth to power, question authority, and fight for the right to be a free human being. It is the irrepressible, indomitable human spirit that drives revolution and carries the torch of freedom for future generations. We are at a tipping point, and those with the will to resist must rise up and raise their voices, before it's too late.

We can't know for sure what the future will look like, but we do know we have a choice: We can either get involved and help shape a future worth having, or sit back and watch it all come crashing down.

Ultimately, it's a daily decision.

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