Mar 29, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 86 - Who, What, & Why Do We Believe?

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Just because you believe it, doesn't make it true.

This is a quintessential realization that unfortunately seems to escape the average person much of the time. Rather than scoff at the oversight, it would be wise for us all to accept the reality that this is all part of the human condition. We all believe we are right -- otherwise we wouldn't believe what we believe!

There is a deep and profound truth here, that cuts to the heart of current affairs: We get to choose what we believe in. This should be an incontrovertible statement, though it may seem edgy to some people. It is always uncomfortable when we encounter beliefs that differ from our own. This too is a human thing, and we need not fear a curious exploration of other people's beliefs. 

We can choose to suspend judgement, remain curious, and evaluate any given perspective with the logical mind --generating a measured and temperate response, as opposed to an emotional reaction. We can choose to accept or reject the premise, the evidence and facts as presented, specific aspects of the other perspective, or accept or reject the belief in its entirety. This is all within our control.

Taking this evaluation of beliefs a step further, we can examine our own beliefs -- and we should -- though that can be even more uncomfortable than examining someone else's beliefs. If you find yourself feeling ever-so-slightly disturbed by this line of inquiry, simply take note, take a deep breath, and relax -- this podcast is not going to press into dissecting personal beliefs.

Instead, the intent is to generalize the human experience of "seeing is believing" and understand just how fickle beliefs can be. For example, I used to believe that Carhartt was an All-American company that aligned with working class values. Their gear was tough and durable, like me. I've been sporting Carhartts for over 30 years, believing the best about the brand I loved.

But then they decided to go woke. When the company decided to force its employees to take an experimental vaccine, or else lose their job, I considered this a violation of basic human rights. Immediately, everything I believed about the company got turned upside down, prompting me to cut the Carhartt patch off my coat and contemplate the broader implications of this philosophical shift.

My beliefs had changed, and there was no denying that my feelings had changed too.

It is amazing how just one idea, one tiny bit of information, or just one simple story can fundamentally change our worldview, instantly overturning a sincerely held, lifelong belief. While it may seem trivial to talk about my relationship with the Carhartt brand, the reality is that our beliefs are being systematically assaulted, for a very specific purpose.

How many times have you heard someone say recently: "I don't know what to believe anymore?" Consider a few of today's headlines:

  • 8 in 10 Americans believe Biden's incompetence may lead to nuclear war.

  • 300% spikes in fertilizer and fuel prices will lead directly to food shortages.

  • Economists now believe that we are headed for a global economic collapse.

Some believe that this is all part of the Great Reset -- that it's a controlled demolition of the existing society, being orchestrated by a cabal of global elites.

Others believe this is all the work of an invisible enemy and the evil intent of a Russian tyrant.

What do you believe? Who do you believe? And most importantly: Why do you believe it?

Remember, we get to choose what we believe. Remember also, that just because we believe something, doesn't make it true. Thus, we have arrived at an acute sense of uncertainty.

This is not by accident, it's on purpose. But why? It works something like this:

  • Beliefs are based on the information we receive.

  • There is more information than anyone can process.

  • Our limited scope of information tends toward bias selection.

  • This undermines critical thinking and shuts down conversation.

  • We begin to feel threatened by people who hold different beliefs.

  • We begin to feel suspicious that we are being deceived.

  • This increased uncertainty leads us to seek authority.

We think we are believing what we want to believe -- or are we just believing what they want us to believe? You see the predicament? The globalist are exploiting this vulnerability. Those who control the flow of information, also control the collective beliefs held by society. Let that sink in for a moment.

By controlling the narrative and creating uncertainty, the powers that be are manipulating the whole of humanity. This enables them to effectively steer society in any direction they choose -- just about as easy as rounding up a bunch of cows. But even with cattle, some cows have a mind of their own.

Which leads me to a few final questions: Do you believe we need to transition to a meatless society, because cow flatulence is destroying the planet? Do you believe a global government that enforces global rules in support of global agenda is what's best for the greater good? Do you believe it is okay to hold American citizens in solitary confinement as political prisoners, without a fair trial? 

Evidently many people do. I believe these people are crazy. What do you believe?

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