Mar 24, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 83 - The Parade Of Crazy

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Insanity is escalating by the day.

Extracting the narrative from today's headlines, we find the following:

"Fink has made clear the conflict in Ukraine is being used as an accelerator to reorganize the global economy as the old world order crumbles and a multipolar world emerges .. and the WEF's agenda of a green new world, more corporate surveillance, and trackable money are inevitable this decade."

This does not come as a surprise, but rather, highlights just how bold and confident the global cabal have become. They are 100% confident that the New World Order will be established this decade. Not coincidentally, this coincides directly with the UN Agenda 2030, which has been in place since the 90's. Now that President Biden and the world’s largest asset manager are openly talking about it, the New World Order must no longer be a vast right-wing conspiracy -- now it's the inevitable future that we all must embrace. Is resistance futile? Time will tell.

In other news:

  • The U.S. is said to be welcoming 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, as the national security officials quietly assemble a Tiger Team to address nuclear contingencies, should Putin go full-tilt crazy.

"Just a month ago, such scenarios seemed more theoretical. But today, from the White House to NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, a recognition has set in that Russia may turn to the most powerful weapons in its arsenal to bail itself out of a military stalemate."

This escalation in rhetoric is meant to inject even greater uncertainty into an already unstable situation. How should the U.S. respond if Russia uses weapons of mass destruction in the Ukraine? We are told this is not Biden's decision alone, but instead, "The bottom line is this is a NATO decision." Doesn't that imply that U.S. forces are now be directed by unelected global leaders? While again not surprising, this is yet another open admission of the transition to globalist control.

On the covid front:

  • Multiple U.S. airlines are begging Biden to drop pre-departure testing and masking requirements for all flights, even as Biden pledges to veto any attempt to lift the mandates. This push back comes amidst growing concern of the new BA.2 sub-variant and the White House messaging that there will be very "clear consequences if Congress fails to provide more funding" to fight this invisible enemy. According to the press release:

"With every day that passes, we risk not having the tools we need to fight COVID. And the bottom line is just, you know, crystal clear here: The virus is not waiting for Congress to act. With every minute this funding request is stalled, we’re losing our ability to protect people and be prepared. "

Money grubbing bastards. Don't forget that the data that is driving this desperate plea for endless funding is being dredged out of the depth of our communal bowels -- data literally extracted from sewer samples, as outlined back on February 7th, in Ep. 53 - Do You Think This Is Weird? Citing outbreaks and lockdowns around the world, and drawing upon the dubious samples of defacation, the White House now has all the justification it needs to sustain endless cycles of outbreak -- and tap into the inexhaustible slush fund that comes with it.

As I've been saying, covid is not going away. It's just too useful as a tool to coerce the public into accepting authoritarian restrictions and violations of human rights. Along with the constantly mutating variants and an uptick in cases, there is also a rising concern we may be facing a "wave of missed cases" -- due to the notoriously unreliable tests that have been driving public policy since the start of the pandemic. On the bright side, the CDC has drastically reduced both case counts and death counts associated with COVID-19.

Evidently the algorithm has been over counting cases.

The CDC claims this was due to a "coding logic error" -- not just an error in logic. Will they learn from this mistake? Not likely. But more importantly: Will the public learn from this mistake? Even less likely.

Those who've drank the Covid Kool-Aid are still too drunk to do much critical thinking. Unfortunately, the Great Reset is destined to provide a sobering smack-in-the-face to anyone still delusional enough to believe the government is working for their own greater good. We patriots know better.

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