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TR 82 - Impending Doom: What Happens Next?

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TR 82 - Impending Doom: What Happens Next?

Understanding the coming phases of the Great Reset

Most will never see it coming.

But, those curious enough to question the narrative will certainly be able to anticipate what happens next. Recently we have been talking about the World Economic Forum, the cabal of Young Global Leaders, and the merging of public health with environmental health as the next phase of the Great Reset.

It may seem outrageous to think that any one person or group of people is actually actively trying to take over the world -- such extraordinary claims should require extraordinary evidence -- and that is exactly what we will explore in today's podcast. Let me open with this passage from COVID-19: The Great Reset, written by Klaus Schwab, president of the World Economic Forum:

"While for a pandemic, a majority of citizens will tend to agree with the necessity to impose coercive measures, they will resist constraining policies in the case of environmental risks where the evidence can be disputed." p.136

Unpacking that passage, we see that the global elite have a firm grasp on human behavior and psychology. They understand that when people are scared for their life, they are willing to "agree" to coercive measures -- which is an oxymoronic statement. Consider the definition of coercion:

"The intimidation of a victim to compel the individual to do some act against his or her will by the use of psychological pressure, physical force, or threats."

One does not agree to coercion. Instead, individuals cave to the threats and intimidation. Indeed, entire nations may cave to the coercive pressures imposed by a more dominant global force. Regardless of which level takes place, it is typically considered illegal to threaten and force a person to do something against their will. Many argue that to do so is an open violation of basic human rights.

This is especially true when it comes to covering another human's face, restricting their breathing, shoving a swab up their nose, sticking a needle in their arm, or testing and tracking their every move for the purpose of quarantining them, should they be suspected of being infected.

All of this is exceptionally dystopian, like the quintessential Orwellian state, and would have never been accepted prior to the covid pandemic. According to Klaus Schwab, the majority of people "agreed" to these "coercive measures" because they were scared of an invisible enemy. He then laments the fact that people are likely to resist such restrictions if the justification was disputable environmental risks.

From the angle of global control, this creates a major problem. Climate change is the harbinger of the ultimate global health crisis. Humanity, it is claimed, is destroying the planet -- and in order to preserve Mother Earth for future generations, the global elite have a very chilling plan. They intend to control and manipulate public behavior, in effect restricting the natural behavior of every human being.

What is critical to remember is this: Compliance is not optional.

Again, another outrageous claim that requires evidence. We need to look no further than the UN Agenda 2030 to understand how Sustainable Development Goals will affect every aspect of our lives. Taking just one example, we can begin to see how this will impact every person on the planet:

"According to the WHO, 90% of the world's population breathes air that fails to meet its safety guidelines, causing premature death of 7 million people each year and prompting the organization to qualify air pollution as a 'public health emergency'." p.139

There is much that could be extracted from that passage, but let's focus on the declaration of a "public health emergency" by a global governing body. We have seen firsthand how public health emergencies can lead to the Emergency Use Authorization of experiential genetic therapies and other abuses of so-called "emergency powers" being wielded by governments around the world.

Under the umbrella of an emergency mentality, the global elites tighten their grip on the world. They never let a good emergency go to waste -- and some speculate that many of these so-called emergencies are actually planned in advance. Every emerging emergency then becomes an opportunity to exploit the chaos and vulnerability of a world in crisis, to advance the globalist agenda.

But you don't have to take my word for it:

"The COVID-19 crisis cannot go to waste ... now is the time to enact sustainable environmental policies." p. 143


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