Mar 22, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 81 - What They Are NOT Telling You

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The headlines are full of head-fakes.

Whether it's Russian war crimes, Russian hyper-sonic missiles, Russian forces killing innocent civilians, Russian cyber attacks, or now the news reports that Belarus is "preparing to invade" the Ukraine -- all of this is happening a long way from home. It's not that it doesn't matter, it's just not most important.

Often times, the most important news is what we are not seeing in the headlines. Here are three examples of events that will have a massive impact on every American citizen, that you may not be paying attention to:

  1. The appointment of the new Covid Czar, globalist professor Ashish Jha.
    Biden made this announcement last week, stating, "our work in combating COVID is far from done." Mr. Jha, who was a professor of Global Health at Harvard, is known to be a "public health giant" who has close connections with the World Health Organization. Beyond covid, he has big plans to decarbonize health care, not just in the U.S., but around the globe -- because we have a "responsibility to extensively decarbonize our institutions for the sake of our patients and people around the world."

  2. The C-Change initiative that merges public health with environmental justice.
    While the world is distracted by war and rumors of war, the globalists are quickly attaching the narrative of public health and safety, to the global threat of climate change. This is nothing more than a ruse used to consolidate power and advance the UN Agenda 2030 (think New World Order), by conditioning the world’s population to live in fear and feel guilty for destroying the planet. Make no mistake, the climate agenda is an integral part of the Great Reset, and this talking point will become increasingly central in their strategy moving forward.

  3. The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) - aka Mob Rule.
    The only thing that globalists need to enforce their radical agenda, is enough useful idiots to vote for their ridiculous and illogical policies. To further leverage these useful idiots, progressives have been pushing for a National Popular Vote initiative -- which has already passed in 16 states. In 2009, Washington state became the fifth state to pass this law (RCW 29A.56.300). It is critical to realize that progressives are shockingly close to pulling an end run around the Electoral College and capturing U.S. elections forevermore.

    Take a look at their progress:

Take a good look and let that sink in for a minute.

They have already captured enough states to secure 195 electoral votes -- which means they are just 75 electoral votes from pulling this off. The yellow and orange states have already advanced legislation, which would add another 9 states and 88 electoral votes and effectively secure mob rule forever.

How in the heck is this possible?! Progressive organizations like the Public Leadership Institute have been working tirelessly to implement the globalist agenda at the state and local level for decades. Using the science of persuasion and strategies spelled out in Voicing Our Values, progressives have been successfully convincing an impressive number of impressionable fools that the Electoral College is not fair -- and they use very deceptive language to do so.

From their one page fact sheet:

"Under the National Popular Vote law, no voter will have their vote cancelled out at the state-level because their choice differed from majority sentiment in their state. Instead, every voter’s vote will be added directly into the national count for the candidate of their choice. This will ensure that every voter, in every state, will be politically relevant in every presidential election—regardless of where they live.The National Popular Vote law is a constitutionally conservative, state-based approach that retains the power of the states to control how the President is elected and retains the Electoral College."

Let me just break this down, one lie at a time:

  • "no voter will have their vote cancelled out at the state-level" -- which is irrelevant, because the entire country will be run by the ignorant hordes of democrats who populate the major metro areas. Entire states will no longer have a voice, because their votes are cancelled out by New York, Chicago, and L.A. -- which each have populations greater than 45 out of 50 states.

  • "every voter, in every state, will be politically relevant in every presidential election" -- this is just a bald face lie, for the same reasons mentioned above. Conservatives are out numbered, which is why Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, even though Donald Trump won the Electoral College and the majority of counties.

  • "The National Popular Vote law is a constitutionally conservative, state-based approach that ... retains the Electoral College." -- the claim that this is constitutionally conservative is a play on words. By interpreting Article II of the Constitution as a license for states to do whatever they want with their electoral votes, progressives simply had to convince state legislators that a popular vote was more fair than traditional elections.

Thus, the only change needed is one of perspective. No need to change the Constitution, no need to do away with the Electoral College, no need to openly destroy our Constitutional Republic -- because all they have to do is convince enough idiots to vote for this agenda, and they will have finally secured control of U.S. politics.

To be clear: This would be the death of America as we know it.

And it's close. Too close. Tie it altogether, the new globalist Covid Czar, the climate-health agenda, the implementation of mob rule via the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact -- and we see just how seductive the appeal of idiocy can be. In the eyes of many, these are all good things.

Is this what progress looks like to you? Or is this all just part of the New World Order that President Biden just claimed America is destined to lead? Are we going to get to vote on that?

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