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Ep. 78 - Exposing The Patterns In Propaganda

Ep. 78 - Exposing The Patterns In Propaganda

Predictable patterns are at play.

Yesterday, The People's Convoy encountered police resistance, angry protesters, and a hostile press as they leaned into the headwinds and attempted to exercise their constitutional rights in Washington D.C. Following along with the truckers live dash cam made it a heart thumping experience.

At one point a man on a motorcycle cut in front of a big rig, slammed on the brakes, laid down the bike, and started yelling at the trucker. The altercation escalated until the biker lunged at the trucker, and two fellow truckers stepped in and subdued the maniacal democrat. In a different event, a white pickup zipped in front of a semi and slammed on the brakes, brake-checking the trucker, who was unable to stop before bumping into the pickup.

All of this, including the police response, was caught on multiple live feeds -- and though these videos substantiate the irrefutable truth that these truckers are being targeted by antagonists (the motorcycle guy was later seen laughing it up with police alongside a closed off-ramp), the reality is that the media has spun up a narrative that makes it sound like the truckers are mucking up the DC metro area.

Here's where the pattern emerges: The police barricaded numerous exits with dump trucks, blocking traffic into the DC area, which caused a nightmare for local commuters. The media then blames The People's Convoy for causing the mess, and public frustration is turned on the truckers.

The side that is causing the problem, is blaming the other side for causing the problem. Both sides have footage of what really happened, but that becomes irrelevant as the optics and narrative begin to shape public perception of the event. Here the media establishment simply dominates any attempts at objective reporting, overwhelming the truth with a flood of carefully crafted propaganda.

Where else do we see this pattern playing out right now? Consider these threads from the Great Russian Invasion narrative:

  • We are told that Russia was using false flag events to justify invading Ukraine.

  • We are told that Russia may be using covert chemical attacks against the Ukrainians.

  • We are told that Russia has been killing innocent civilians, including 100's of children.

  • We are told that Russia is on a mission to reclaim Ukraine and rebuild the Soviet Union.

  • We are told that Russia is suffering huge losses and the Russian people are pissed at Putin.

On Wednesday, in a rare moment of "speaking from the heart," President Biden declared that Putin was a "war criminal" -- an accusation the Russian government said was "unforgivable". Beyond the heated rhetoric, our own national media has openly acknowledged that the Russian people are getting an entirely different story. According to Russian media sources, the story goes like this:

  • They are told that it's the Western Alliance that is staging false-flag events to provoke war.

  • They are told that the Western Alliance may be using covert bio-weapons against the Russians.

  • They are told that the Western Alliance are using clandestine drone strikes that are killing civilians.

  • They are told that the Western Alliance is trying to capture Ukraine resources to build up NATO. 

  • They are told that the Western Alliance is hurting the Russian people to turn them against Putin.

In the U.S. media, Russia is the aggressor trying to take over Ukraine. In the Russian media, the US, EU, and NATO are the aggressors, trying to take over Ukraine. Both sides accuse the other side of lying. Both sides accuse the other side of pumping out propaganda from state-controlled media outlets.

There is no question as far as who we are supposed to believe. It would be heresy and sacrilege to question the motives of our own government and media. I'm sure the Russian and Ukrainian people feel the same way. There may be some lingering doubt as to the truthfulness of the story being told, but it is clear that to be a good human, we should be outraged at what the "other side" is doing.

And we should definitely trust our own spin doctors -- because they would never lie to us.

They would never try to hide shady political corruption linking the Biden's to Ukrainian oil companies. They would never try to conceal the overwhelming number of adverse reactions being caused by the experimental covid vaccines. They would never, ever, gaslight the American people and pretend that the economy is thriving, while simultaneously destroying the value of the dollar so that they can institute a new digital currency that will solidify more control over your life.

We may want to believe they are telling us the truth, but the words of Thomas Paine warn us:

“The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.”

Rather than talking about what's actually happening in the world -- the truly terrible intentions and seemingly unstoppable plot of global tyrants -- we are being entertained and entrained, pacified and calcified, as the magic of media causes an epic mental meltdown that completely short-circuits critical thinking, and leads to emotionally reactive and irrational beliefs and behavior.

Perhaps this explains the sudden urge among Americans to risk nuclear war to protect U.S. interests in the Ukraine -- I mean, to offer humanitarian aide to the Ukrainian people. Remind me again why after being under attack for weeks, the Ukrainians still won't join NATO?

I guess it depends on who you ask.

We know that the media lies. The question is always: What are we going to do about it? We should all be thankful for the truckers and American patriots who are out there doing something about it -- being loud and being seen in a way that the media cannot ignore forever.

To reclaim our country, we must pierce the veil of propaganda and be willing to take the heat that comes with standing up to oppressive regimes.

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