Mar 16, 2022 • 21M

Ep. 77 - Deception, Control, & What's Coming Next

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God bless the truckers!

Before we wade into today’s headline news, let’s not forget that there are thousands of patriots in The People’s Convoy who are currently circling Washington DC to demand politicians listen to the grievances of We The People, and end the covid insanity once and for all. (details here)

We might ask: What are the chances the politicians are going to do more than just listen and give them lip service? Will there be any practical, concrete actions taken to limit the seemingly limitless authority of our self-appointed rulers? Will they end the mandates and stop abusing their so-called Emergency Powers? Will they regain respect for our Constitution and our basic human rights?

Don’t hold your breath.

We are in the midst of the Great Reset and everything that we are experiencing right now, all the turbulence and chaos that has rocked the globe, is all part of a very strategic plan. The covid pandemic (aka the “plandemic”) was just one step in a series of steps that are intended to disrupt global society and usher in the New World Order. This is not speculation or conspiracy — these plans have been in place for decades, perhaps even a hundred years or more.

The battle of the modern era is a battle for the hearts and minds of humanity. The intent is to overcome the primal impulse of free will by convincing and conditioning the masses to accept subjugation and servitude, under the guise of the greater good.

To do so, the global elites have mastered the craft of manipulating public perception using highly sophisticated propaganda. They now have proven techniques to bio-hack humanity, not just through traditional psychological and physiological hooks, but now through direct genetic therapy and complete immersion in a carefully constructed house of mirrors.

The Ukraine-Russia conflict offers a prime example of how this plays out in real-time. Consider this quote from a recent NPR article:

“Whereas global reporting has largely focused on the suffering of Ukrainian civilians, Russians are offered a starkly different story at home. Their screens present accounts of a humanitarian Kremlin mission — one in which “surgical” airstrikes target Ukrainian nationalists and spare civilians, where American agents seek to deploy anti-Russian bioweapons and where Ukraine’s leaders are hellbent on acquiring nuclear weapons to attack the Russian homeland.”

How does that compare to the story spilling out across American headline news? We are shown emotional pleas from Zelensky, who anchors his appeal in the deep psychological scars of 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. We are told that Russia has launched a brutal attack on Ukrainian values, which of course we are to assume are the very same democratic values of the Western alliance. This is not by accident.

Throughout the headlines, it is implied that Russian news sources are state-controlled, and therefore  un-democratic and untrustworthy. We are told that the Russian government has passed new laws that criminalize any reporting that “contradicts the government’s version of events.” Ironically, there are similar laws being floated right here in Washington state — Senate Bill 5843, publicly supported by Governor Inslee, aims to make it illegal to “spread misinformation about election results.”

The question comes: Who should we trust? How do we know who is telling the truth?

Let’s zoom out for a moment and place this consideration in a broader context. How does all of this relate to the Great Reset and the globalist agenda? Remember that the globalists want total control. They believe that in order to solve all the world’s problems, there must a global governing body that has the authority to dictate how humanity conducts business in the 21st century.

The main thrust of this global initiative is spelled out in the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, which to be clear, is a binding international treaty for all member nations. That may not seem directly related to the conflict in Ukraine, but I assure you it is. Fresh off the press:

According to President Zelensky, “Ukraine will [STILL] not become a member of NATO.

Are you curious why, after decades of persistent attempts to persuade the Ukrainians to join the Western alliance, they still will not join NATO? Are you aware that NATO has it’s own NATO 2030 agenda? This is a new “Strategic Concept for NATO” that includes seeking to become an “ethical norm-setter,” explore “internet governance,” and develop “gender and human security.” The NATO agenda also dovetails seamlessly with the broader UN agenda.

It’s worth reading the full 24 pages of woke global policy, but rather than diving into all the devious details, I want to focus specifically on the term “human security.” Could this language have a “hidden, higher meaning” like the Communist Manifesto suggests? Searching the UN website reveals this:

“The human security approach is a proven analytical and planning framework that … draws together the expertise and resources of a wide range of actors from the United Nations system … and helps localize international and national agendas to ensure that no one is left behind.”

Well there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Human security is a proven approach for convincing local leaders to fall in line with the globalist agenda. This my friends, is the root cause of our local problems — and something we will explore in more detail in upcoming episodes.

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