Mar 14, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 75 - The MUCH Bigger Picture

Placing The People's Convoy Into Context

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The silence is deafening.

Have you heard about the millions of people all across the country who are fed up with the medical tyranny and gross violations of their constitutional and basic human rights? Did you know people have been rallying all across the country for two weeks, demanding accountability from our corrupt politicians, and showing up en masse to make sure their voices are heard?

There is more happening in any given moment, than any one of us can fully comprehend. Perhaps that’s just stating the obvious, but the weight of this truth pressed deeply into my mind as I flew past big cities and small towns, absorbing over 6,200 miles of scenery and experience over the last 10 days.

I left home March 1st to join The People’s Convoy, taking radically uncomfortable action to make a stand for freedom, to lend my voice to the choir, and help the truckers deliver a message to Washington DC: Enough is enough.

“We the People are pissed off!”

That sentiment was scrawled across many vehicles in the convoy. Thousands of vehicles, tens of thousands of patriots rallying on virtually every overpass from coast to coast, millions of Americans across the country are tired of being trampled, tired of being treating like lab rats, and tired of being told how they can and cannot live their lives.

The main thrust of the message is this: End the mandates and revoke the Emergency Powers.

Put bluntly, we want our country back… but what does that mean?

It means no more masking, social distancing, lockdowns, forced testing, contact tracing, or compulsory gene therapies. It means reigning in the run-away regulations, the unchecked power of unelected officials like Dr. Fauci, and putting a stop to medical tyranny. It means ending the Fed’s destruction of the dollar, starving the beast of bureaucracy, balancing the federal budget, and fixing our broken financial systems. It means reclaiming our Constitutional rights, teaching our kids American values,  getting the globalist propaganda out of our schools, and protecting freedom for future generations.

It means all of this and so much more.

In conversations with different people all across the country, these are the things that kept coming up. All together, the list of grievances is gargantuan. Any one of these issues, taken individually, is a complex mess with no simple solution. Grasping the totality of this untenuous situation brings about the brutal realization, that our country is very near the point of no return. 

Even as a wordsmith, I struggle to find the words, to put into context the extent of the problems at hand. It hurts my head as much as it hurts my heart, to consider just how sick and twisted society has become. The stage has been set for a dystopian hell, and far too few people realize what’s going on.

Fear and anger distort and divide. There is a very real disconnect between left and right, urban and rural, born-again and non-believers, between the globalists and the average American. What has become clear, is that we are no longer, “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” The question is: What are we going to do about it? Reality is, there is no simple answer.

The People’s Convoy aims to unite the country under the banner of freedom. Truckers have been talking with politicians, seeking to be understood and explore the options for moving forward. Currently, the convoy is playing by the rules, obeying traffic laws, respectfully staying out of DC proper, exercising patience with the hope that diplomacy prevails.

How this plays out, is anyone’s guess. There are those who think the truckers are being played by the politicians — placated and pacified by one pointless meeting after another, all the while people continue to suffer under the cold, calculated, ruthless grip of political tyrants. They may temporarily appease the peasants by “giving our freedoms back” — but they still assume the power and authority to control you, your business, your children, and your choices, for the rest of your life.

That is the bigger picture. Are you willing to lose your freedom forever? If we do not stand with these truckers, make a stand in our own communities, take our complaints to our own state officials, and refuse to be silenced by media bias, then our children will never know what it means to be free.

Patriots must be vigilant. We must not be distracted by the shifting narrative or allow the truth to be buried in endless propaganda. There is a much bigger picture, and as I continue to unpack my bags from this trip, I will continue to unpack the insights and perspective gained from this incredible experience.

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