Mar 10, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 74 - Truckers Versus Tyranny

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I've been on the road for nine days and I'm still 2,000 miles from home.

When I heard that American truckers and patriots were going to convoy across the country and converge on Washington DC, something stirred deep within me. It felt as if this event was destined to be history in the making, like the American people were finally fed up and ready to make stand for freedom. 

As I traveled across the country, I saw thousands of people lining up on overpasses, waving flags and signs of support, demonstrating that they were with us in spirit as the convoy rolled on toward DC. The show of patriotism moved me to tears more than once, and it fueled my conviction that this was in fact a historic event.

When I caught up with The People's Convoy in Indianapolis, what I saw was over-whelming. I have never seen so many American patriots gathered in one place in my entire life. The energy was incredible, the excitement was palpable, and the out-pouring of generosity was astounding.

Every person there had taken a courageous step into the unknown. It was impossible to know how things were going to play out, impossible to know what would lie ahead, along the thousands of miles of open road, and impossible to know how we would be received in DC.

To be sure, there were many murmurs of concern.

Was this going to be another event like January 6th?

Rumors were the DC police were waiting and willing to arrest anyone, essentially for any reason. Would we be taken as political prisoners? Some people felt like we were driving into a trap, but it was a risk we were all willing to take. Through the screech of the bullhorn, we were repeatedly told not to break any laws -- because they were just looking for a reason to break this convoy up.

We were told there were infiltrators, bad actors, people who were looking to stir up trouble, spread lies, mislead the caravan, and instigate dissent within the ranks. We had to remain vigilant and be ready for anything. At all times, there was a certain nervous tension in the air.

People talked about FBI agents and CIA handlers. There were local news reporters who were looking to report anything negative they could find, so as to cast the convoy in an unflattering light. There was suspicion in the eyes of many, as we all sought to sort out who's who -- who's for us, who's against us, and who's with us to the end. Who among us was truly a patriot? By far the majority.

By and large, the convoy group was a cross-section of the American people. Though we came from all corners of the country with different backgrounds and beliefs, we were now gathered for a common purpose, to united the country under the banner of freedom and raise our voices together -- to demand an end to the medical mandates and government tyranny.

We The People want our life back. We want our politicians to listen and represent. We want our constitutional rights to be respected, and our country to be restored. We want to get back to the path of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, to protect our children and secure their future, and make it clear that what has happened over the last two years should never happen again.

The goal of the People's Convoy was to force the conversation. The trucks are big and loud. They cannot be easily ignored. In many ways, this trucker convoy represents the silent majority -- the people of the working class, who are too busy making the world go round to pay much attention to politics.

After arriving in Hagerstown, Maryland, the convoy regrouped and was joined by other convoys from around the country. The logistics of getting that many trucks parked was impressive. For the next three days, we rolled out to the DC Beltway to show our numbers and parade our patriotism. Every effort was made to coordinate with local law enforcement and minimize impact on local commuters.

This peaceful approach gained the support of several politicians and led to opportunities for leaders of the convoy to air their grievances face to face. You can watch the meetings here:

After the third day of lapping the beltway, with meetings and negations underway, it felt like the right time to start heading home. Many are planning on stay in Hagerstown for as long as it takes to get the lawmakers to take action. I commend their courage and commitment, and I will be with them in spirit, but suspect the politicians will just talk them to death and bury this historical blip in the swamp.

I'm still processing this experience as I make my way back across the country. There are more takeaways that I want to share with you, but I need time to find the right words. What I know for sure, is this: The American Spirit is alive and well, all across this great country.

While some politicians are willing to listen, but if We The People truly want lasting change, there is a lot more work to be done.

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