Mar 3, 2022 • 15M

Ep. 71 - Freedom Is On The Move!

The People's Convoy continues to grow and inspire.

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Freedom is spreading like wildfire.

The media is trying to pretend like this isn’t happening — like there aren’t millions of Americans rallying from coast to coast, taking a stand, and making some SERIOUS noise for freedom.

But it is happening.

I know it’s happening, because I’m seeing it with my own eyes.

Being in the presence of so many passionate patriots is a powerful and moving experience. It’s hard to fully capture the scope and weight of it… today’s podcast again comes from the front lines, as The People’s Convoy rolls out and hits the road.

The rally last night was momentous. It was moving. Thousands upon thousands of people were flooding into the event, excited to be part of history in the making. It was easily one of the most uplifting experiences in my life. The energy was incredible. Words fall short.

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