Feb 21, 2022 • 15M

Ep. 62 - Why Are They Targeting Children?

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There is something strange going on.

Actually, there is a lot of strange going on:

Setting all that aside, right here in Washington state, we find “most” mask mandates are being lifted on March 21st — though Inslee insists he has the authority to force a mask on your face in certain cases, like on public transportation, school buses, hospitals, outpatient and dental offices, long-term care settings, correctional facilities or any other arbitrarily selected location.

Of course: Mask rules apply differently if you are unvaccinated.

Inslee also announced that he will be dropping Vaccine Verification requirements — aka, “show me your papers” — on March 1st. Why March 1st? Because that is the day he’s decided to give you your freedom back — but only some of your freedom, and only if you are vaccinated.

Chaos abounds.

But none of this is as important as what we’ve been talking about this week, namely the connection between the globalist agenda and the battle at our local library, the ideological gridlock, the common enemy of every American — those who are attempting to corrupt our culture from within, to destroy our society, steal our freedom, and enslave our children.

That is where we must focus our attention. We must stay tuned-in to the fact that this chaos, this assault from every conceivable angle, this is orchestrated chaos, it is an intentional, strategic effort to divide and conquer our country, so the Communists can “win the world.”

That is our common enemy, and they’ve been targeting our children for decades. Incessant propaganda has groomed an entire generation to be willing victims of the State. Kids questions themselves, they question their parents, they question American principles, they question morals — and they struggle to make sense of the answers they receive.

Kids are trained that they are implicitly bias, that they have white privilege, that they should feel bad for people because of the color of their skin, that they should recognize groups of people by their protected class, identify with the oppressed, and treat people differently because of outward appearance.

Our children are being taught to question their sexual identities, to confide in school counselors instead of in their parents. They are instructed to question the parents choices, to identity misinformation, to show their parents what the truth really is, according to the State.

All of this creates a great deal of confusion for the kids, and a great deal of division in society. It is imperative to remember that this is an explicitly stated goal in the Communist Manifesto. They intend to separate children from their parents and destroy the family unit. But why?

Control. They want total control. That is the common thread that ties this all together. Communists lie, they conceal their true intent by twisting language and using words with a “hidden, higher socialistic interpretation.”

When they say they don’t want kids to go hungry, they mean to train them to eat from their hands. When the say kids should have access to diverse perspectives, they mean to control the way they see the world. When they teach our kids diversity, equity, and inclusion, the mean to instill prejudice and antagonize class warfare. This is how they divide and conquer.

What is happening to our children is sickening. Depression, anxiety, and suicides are soaring, and we haven’t even begun to comprehend the long term societal impact of harmful mask mandates, or the experimental genetic therapies. Why has all of this happened?

Because we’ve let it happen. Some of us didn’t see it coming. Some of us have been warning people for years: The Commies are coming! The Commies are coming! The reality is that they are already here, among us, embedded within the establishment, executing a plan that was long in the making and well under way.

They have a firm grip on our future. The question is, will we let them take it away? 

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