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TR 61 - How They Divide & Conquer Us All

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TR 61 - How They Divide & Conquer Us All

Can they really take over the world?

We’ve talked a lot about the global elites using Communist tactic to try and take over the world. To some, this seems like an outlandish conspiracy theory. To others, it simply seems obvious.

The question of eminent importance is: How are they going to pull it off? The answer is, by driving a wedge between “us and them” — by turning people against each other, stirring hostility and mistrust between various social factions.

The strategy is tried and true, as it has been deployed effectively throughout history around the globe. Let’s not lose sight of the Communist’s end game, as stated in their Manifesto:

  • Communists do not conceal their aim: “They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.” (p102)

    • Forcibly overthrowing existing society means launching an assault on all fronts. This is why we are witnessing the undermining of our institutions, of health care, education, religion, the economy, and the family unity.

    • Communists actively subvert each institution by taking control of the language, effectively high jacking communication, directing the narrative, and herding well-meaning humans into the trap of socialist thinking.

  • Communists are exceedingly ambitious, because, in their own words, “They have a world to win.” That is no small task — trying to take over the world — and their strategy is to divide and conquer, using class-warfare to instill “hostile antagonism” between different groups. (p100) They don’t have to fight us if we are fighting each other.

    • One “critical element” of the Communist’s strategy, is to “attack every principle of existing society.” (p94)  In essence, we are attacked for wrong thinking.

    • This is the root of Marxist Critical Theory — which gave birth to the Critical Race Theory that is seeping in and poising the minds of our youth.

  • Communists propose “practical measures” to achieve the destruction of society:

    • The abolition of the family.

    • The abolition of private industry.

    • The abolition of personal property rights.

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