Feb 13, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 56 - The Wafting Stench Of Political Ploys

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Politics have displaced science.

It’s not just the repugnant hypocrisy of the Left, desperate to maintain their political power, that is disturbing. It is the speed with which the story has changed, and the fact the the lemmings are following right along.

The public has been told to “trust the science” repeatedly — ad nauseam — while crooks like Dr. Fauci and Democrat leaders continually tweak the science, casually disregarding decades of unassailable truth, manipulating the numbers, and erroneously modeling whatever outcome they need to shape the narrative.

Science itself has taken on a new identity. No longer is science a process of questioning and testing hypotheses. Now science is the the sacred word of government officials — most of whom are too dull to think for themselves, have zero understanding of underlying studies, and are mired in myriad conflicts of interest.

Not only have the sheep been trained to trust the government’s “science” with unwavering faith and allegiance, they have been conditioned to fear and feel threatened by anyone who questions the sanctity of all the lies.

Ironically, and right on cue, now the very truths that rational people have been bludgeoned for presenting — masks don’t work, lockdowns don’t work, the vaxxes don’t work, but Ivermectin does, covid is not a life threatening disease, etc — are being parroted by the liberal talking heads, who are mere puppets for the masters of this sham.

It’s unfortunate that so many have been fooled by the endless shenanigans. It appears the global elite, and their Democrat stooges, believe there are enough fools in the world to pull off the Great Reset without going to war. They intend to destroy entire countries and our cherished ways of life, capturing the masses and enslaving them to the socialist surveillance state, without a single shot.

From the headlines:

  • Drudge’s cover story: The End of COVID Rules? “Under pressure to ease up, Biden weighs new virus response.” Hemmed in by “following the science,” the administration is awaiting advice from the so-called, self-proclaimed experts — who’ve been wrong at every turn.

  • Abrupt End To Mandates Reflect Shifting Political Landscape. Make no mistake, it’s not about learning loss, mental health, soaring rates of depression and suicides. It’s about polling that reflects the weary pulse of the public — and shoring up for coming elections.

  • Should you keep wearing a mask even after mandates lift? CNN, though recently admitting masks are hurting kids, is mentally preparing the ultra-woke for the next phase of virtue signaling, stating: “When you’re wearing a mask, you’re more cognizant of safe practices.”

    • Going a step further, and revealing the real impetus behind the unscientific mask mandates, we’re told that masking “reminds you that there’s still a virus out there than can make you really sick.”

    • Intelligent inquiry might ask: Isn’t there always a virus out there than can make you really sick? Thus, logically, you should always wear a mask, live in a fear, and continue “safe practices.”

  • As of today, the CDC still recommends that everyone wears a mask — especially in areas of high transmission, which is still the entire country. But Democrats are distancing themselves from the CDC, for the glaringly obvious reason that voters don’t like to be treated like lab rats and slaves — at least not right before an election.

Broader than all of this, there is a theme emerging from the fissures of our society. Different states have different ideas about how to do things. Different experts, even the “public health experts,” have different ideas about how to do things. Even the very expensive and extensive socialist conditioning that has produced these pompous fools — the experts who sincerely believe that they alone know what’s best for everybody else — was not enough to ensure lockstep messaging.

And remember, this is not a public health crisis, this is a public messaging crisis — according millions of actual scientists, doctors, and medical experts.

Today’s cursory review of the headlines indicates nothing new: It’s just politics as usual. The power hungry people are trying to keep their power, and the ignorant masses are hanging on their every contradictory word. It’s no wonder the world is confused.

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