Feb 9, 2022 • 16M

Ep. 55 - What Can We Expect?

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The future is uncertain. Is the end near?

With just nine short months before the midterm elections, democratic politicians and public health officials have found a new love for freedom. Dr. Fauci is out today telling Americans that we are almost out of the “full blown pandemic” phase of COVID-19.

That begs the question: What will the next phase look like?

Fauci is dropping some clues: “There is no way we are going to eradicate this virus,” he says, warning that, “local health departments might bring back certain restrictions,” if regional outbreaks occur. And of course, we know they’ll be testing the sewers to let us know when that happens.

So they are teasing a little hope for the poor exhausted peasants who still trust what the government says. Meanwhile, other headlines keep the fear alive, reminding us that Omicron is still ravaging the world — with DEATHS having increased by 70% in that last few weeks.

SIDE NOTE: The U.S. has more cases and deaths from COVID than any other country in the world! One might wonder how that is possible given India, in the #2 spot, has 4x the population.

But we can expect politics will put the kabash on that story, at least for the short term. Now CNN’s brilliant in-house experts trumpeting the truth that “the science has changed” and so masking and other covid restrictions should be lifted NOW.

In a sober moment, Dr. Wen when so far as to utter the unspeakable truth:

“Kids in schools should not be forced to wear masks because it can be harmful and makes it harder for them to learn.”

Right now, liberals are coming out of the wood-work, claiming that decision to wear a mask should shift from government mandate to individual choice. It’s shocking how fast they have changed their tune — in a desperate act to shore devastating polls heading into the elections.

At it’s root, this is all just a ploy to maintain power, so they don’t get booted out of office.

If we want to know what to expect moving forward, we might look to other countries in global cabal who are not fawning affection for personal freedom, just to get re-elected. What will the future look like? We might look forward to more heavy handed enforcement of experimental vaccination.

Some countries already have police patrolling the streets and public spaces, asking people — ever so politely — to show their proof of vaccination. No proof? You may be fined or imprisoned, or both. And just to add insult to injury, you may have to pay for your own imprisonment.

Nobody is being forcefully vaxxed against their will, but they are being ostracized from society and forcefully place behind bars when they refuse. Will it ever happen here? We’ll have to wait until after the election to find out.

Of course, people are getting a little uppity about all these restrictions. Look no further than the Canadian border, and we find peaceful, courageous non-compliance having an impact. Do to optics of the trucker occupation — which looks bad for the politicians — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has announced that he is ending their vaccine passport system immediately.

But he drops another clue, which is remarkably similar to foreshadowing from Dr. Fauci. While Fauci says in the future, local health departments may choose to enforce mandates, Kenney says that “other entities” like private businesses local authorities may still use the QR passports to segregate citizens who are not enrolled in the Restriction Exemption Program.

Do you see how slick that is? It’s an exemption program. The implication of the Restriction Exemption Program is that you are restricted by default.

What can we expect in the future? We can expect that the government will continue to assume they have the authority to treat us like lab rats and enslave us to the all-powerful surveillance state. Sure, they may let us breathe freely from time to time, but only when it’s politically expedient.

That is why this insanity can ever be accepted as normal.

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