Feb 4, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 52 - How Will They Pull It Off?

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The globalist grip is tightening.

We know it. We feel it. We sense it.

We know it because of the orchestrated supply chain interruptions — oops, now the shelves are running bare and we can’t get what we need. They want to blame the freedom loving truckers, but the reality is that powerful forces are strategically moving pieces on the global stage.

There is no doubt: Everything that is happening right now, is all about money and power.

We feel it because the price at the pump is shocking. Missing items disappoint, and not being able to find what we need is especially disturbing. Prior generations know this feeling, but for the majority of Americans, anything less than reliable abundance is a shock to the system.

Government officials tell us all of this is temporary. It’s just to “flatten the curve” and it’s just “transitory inflation” or it’s only until we reach “herd immunity.” But the lies keep piling up. Those who are in the know, have known all along that these statements were never sincere. But even the slowest, most shallow thinkers among us are starting to sense that something’s not right.

Could it be that the alt-right looney’s are right? Could it be that the global elite are really trying to take over the world? Is it possible that we’ve passed the point of no return, that what’s in motion must run it’s course? Have you heard of the 4th turning? Can you sense that history has told this story before?

Make no mistake, their intentions are clear:

By the year 2030, you will own nothing and be happy.
–Klaus Schwab, author of COVID-19: The Great Reset

But how in world is this possible? How could they possibly obliterate property rights, take control of the global economy, and still manage to make us happy? At first this statement struck me as exceedingly arrogant — laughably grandiose — until I started connecting the dots are realizing the pieces at play.

Let’s take a look at some of the headline news of today:

  • The U.S. State Department — aka the Deep State — is accusing the Russians of another dastardly distraction, making claims that are so outlandish, one reported said they’re entering into “Alex Jones” territory. Why does this matter? Because it’s being used as justification to move1000’s of American troops and force Putin’s hand.

  • As the COVID narrative continues to unravel, the desperately unpopular president — or more accurately, his Deep State handlers — are trying to prop him up with cooked books (“the economy is doing great!”), and knocking off religious fundamentalists in the Middle East (the “big blow” to ISIS).

  • But let’s not forget the ultimate driving force behind all these publicity stunts: It’s an election year. Democrats are scared of the American people. They are scared that the “deplorables” might interrupt their plans to fundamentally transform our country, and replace the American Dream with their utopian socialist state.

THIS is why they are banging the war drums, positioning troops, and pointing fingers at Putin. THIS is why our own illustrious King Inslee is trying to pass legislation that would make it ILLEGAL to question the legitimacy of elections. Think about that for a second. If you question the elections, you are a criminal — and you could be locked up like a dog for up to a year.

How are the global elite going to take over the world? By using stooges like Inslee — like the utter tool that he is — to do their dirty work. And all in the name of the greater good!

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