Jan 25, 2022 • 16M

Ep. 44 - The Great Mask Debate

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Why are people still wearing masks?

Driving alone in the car. Walking alone down the sidewalk. Outside at recess. During sporting events. All day, every day at work, at school, and wherever they demand your compliance, we are told: You MUST wear a mask.

It is absurd, asinine, absolutely unscientific, illegal and completely immoral to force people to cover their face and breathe in a toxic petri-dish of bacteria and CO2. Any rational thinking person has known this from the start. And yet, mask lovers persist with their smug sense of superiority to scorn those intelligent enough to look at the science and form their own conclusions.

Masks are known to be harmful and have repeatedly been proven to be ineffective. On top of that, legal scholars and courts around the country have made it clear mask mandates are unconstitutional. Consider this:

  • The NY Supreme Court has ruled that mask mandates are unconstitutional, yet the governor is determined to ignore the law and continue to enforce mask mandates with authoritarian zeal. No, dear citizen, you are NOT free to breathe like a natural human being! You are a SLAVE to the state, and you MUST do what you're told, regardless of the science, the law, or of personal choice! Welcome to the New World Order.

  • In Virginia, several school boards -- the favored subversive agents of the state -- are spending tax-payer dollars to sue the Governor for making masks optional in school. Rather than acknowledge the science and respect personal medical decisions, these progressive school boards intend to impose their will and continue to harm the children in their care. The depravity of these Democrats is really just sick.

  • There is no shortage of contempt between the compliant sheep who have been conditioned into servitude, the mask lovers, aka the mask-holes of the world, and the rest of rational humanity. Astute thinkers are now considering the implications: If more than half of our country willingly obeys the completely irrational order to wear a mask, what irrational orders from the state would they not obey?

With so many of our fellow Americans still gripped by this mask-hysteria, where do we go from here? Perhaps we should ridicule and shame these morons in the public square. Maybe borrow words from President Biden, and mutter under our breath, "You stupid son of a bitch," each time we encounter a mask-hole in the wild. Of course, we could try to just simply ignore them, but unfortunately they are not going to go away.

Which brings me to the point: This is never going to stop, until we make it stop. Courageous noncompliance and peaceful protest are our best course of action. Put pressure on the school boards and local politicians. Don't let them get comfortable and get away with this power grab.