Jan 24, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 43 - Is The Fear Finally Fading?

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Fear is based on the perception of risk.

Risk is an evaluation of possible outcomes. Evaluation is function of individual awareness. Individual awareness is the source of free will and personal choice. These innate and inseparable aspects of our humanity are the foundation of basic human rights.

The right to think freely, to form conclusions, to agree or disagree, to act upon the convictions that compel us; these are natural extensions of our basic human rights. The right to breathe freely, to speak freely, to travel freely, to engage and enjoying relationships, all of our own volition, are also expressions of our own free will.

Thus, forcing people to cover their face and restrict their breathing, forcing people to undergo repeated genetic testing, forcing people to quarantine, forcing people to take an experimental mRNA vaccination, are all gross violations of basic human rights. All together, these so-called 'risk mitigation measures' amount to crimes against humanity.

The truth is, people evaluate risk differently. People have different risk tolerances. This is understandable, because people have different personalities, even different physical make-ups, which means individual free will forever manifest in infinitely different ways. There is no one-size fits all solution, because we are not all the same.

People all around the world are rallying against the authoritarian measures being deployed under the umbrella of public health and safety. There is an instinctual urge to repel the restrictions on free will, and to reclaim the power of personal choice -- especially when it comes to personal medical decisions.

There is a global swell of dissatisfaction, as frustration displaces fear and people begin to see clearly what's really going on. Their governments have lied to them, repeatedly changing the rules, intentionally ignoring the evidence and data that disprove the narrative. Using media outlets to pump out their propaganda, governments have publicly shamed any medical professional attempting to speak truth to power. But brave souls persist.

Today there will be congressional testimony from a conglomerate of top doctors who are presenting a professional second opinion on the covid narrative. Along with discussing what went wrong, and why, the panel will also discuss censorship from Big Tech and the mainstream media, the pandemic's negative impact on children, and how vaccine mandates are causing worker shortages around the globe. Coercion is not consent.

If every scared American watched this hearing, the pandemic would be over promptly. Of course, there will inevitably me a lot of people would cling to their illusions and denounce the testimony as heresy. The bigger question mark rests above the head of our elected leaders: Will they listen? It's doubtful.

When Americans are no longer living in fear, they will not be so easily controlled.

That is why it's critical that we continue to have these conversations, share information that challenges the narrative, and fight for our right live free from an authoritarian state.

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