Jan 21, 2022 • 16M

Ep. 42 - Weighing Known Risks: What's Really At Stake?

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What captivates the human mind?

There  are many things: Natural beauty. Music. Persuasive speeches and  compelling words. Narratives repeated in concert with overwhelming media  conditioning. Technology has given the powers that be every tool they  need to wield unimaginable influence over the human mind.

The  means and the methods of human manipulation have been perfected  throughout history, and the sophistication of the modern system has  breathtaking implications. An honest evaluation of circumstance makes it  clear that the public psyche is firmly in the grip of nefarious forces.  Forces that seek to divide and conquer us all. and destroy the worlds  as we know it.

These are dark forces that we all must come to grips with.

Why  do I say that? Image being segregated from society, unable to work or  buy groceries because you are unwilling to participate in the latest  government experiment with genetic therapy. If you decide that you do  not want to take the risk of adverse reactions, unknown short and long  term effects, and the inherent chance that the jab will kill you — all  known risks — you are no long allowed to engage in public life.

Keep  in mind, choosing not to get vaccinated is an intelligent, logical,  well thought out decision that is substantiated by a substantial number  of scientific studies. Evidence and data abound, the risks are real and  the protection is questionable. The disease is mild and natural recovery  provides more robust immunity.

What’s more, to mitigate this  minuscule risk, there are well studied medications, such as Ivermectin,  Hydroxychloriquine, Vitamins C and D, Zinc, and other herbal supplements  such as Echinesea, that have prove to be safe, effective and curative  for COVID-19. This hotly disputed science runs counter-narrative, which  is all the more reason we should take a closer look. Who are these  doctors that are speaking out against the narrative? What are their  credentials? What are the actually saying? Why are they being demonized?

The  truth is, COVID-19 Does not pose a statistical threat to the majority  of the general public. Data from the CDC reveals that that survival for  this virus is over 99% across all age groups:

This chart will help you visualize the latest data:

Here is a look at the actual data and calculations:

It is only the sick, frail, and immune compromised people that are at risk of dying from COVID-19. Unhealthy elderly individuals appear to be particularly vulnerable. The  underlying cause of death in virtually all covid related deaths are  co-morbidity factors such as heart-disease, Alzheimers, diabetes,  obesity, cancer, etc. This too is readily observable in the data.

Forcing  people to risk injury, death, and potentially lifelong debilitating  side-effects — all for a disease that poses a virtually no threat — is  absolutely absurd. Beyond that, attempting to force people into  participating in a new highly experimental genetic therapy is a  violation of human rights. Threatening livelihoods and destroying the  American way of life, as a way to coerce desperate people to line up and  take a potentially lethal jab, is highly unethical and wrong on every  imaginable level.