Jan 19, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 40 - The Depth Of Corruption Is Shocking

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Resistance is the spice of life. We need to talk about what's really going on. It's time to face what we're up against. There's a small group of people trying to take over the world by luring the fools into traps. Don't be fooled! Listen to The Torch Report daily to get the "truth you can trust" and stay wise to all the lies! The Torch Report = Intelligent perspectives for curious people. You'll want to SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss out and please don't forget to share!
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They have no shame!

No dignity. No integrity. No honor. No honesty. The ends justify the means. It doesn't matter if they lie, cheat, and steal. It doesn't matter if innocent people suffer and die. All that matters is that they control the masses, by whatever means are necessary, including using psychological warfare against the unsuspecting public (Ep. 29).

Welcome to the Great Reset, and it's far from over. We are told by the year 2030, we will "own nothing" and be happy about it. This is a radical transformation of society, a systematic destruction of traditional ways of life, so that the global elite can institute their socialist agenda and Communist ideals. This is tyranny at the highest levels.

On this podcast, we've exposed the following:

  • how the government knowingly concealed safe and effective treatments (Ep. 37);

  • how masks and lockdowns failed to stop the spread instilled a false sense of security (Ep. 24)

  • how using the PCR test to detect COVID-19 is nonsense and drives the narrative (Ep. 32);

  • how the evidence and data indicates these vaccinations are causing big problems (Ep. 25);

  • how destroying an entire way of life has driven the desperate public to accept tyranny (Ep. 12);

All of this has conveniently people on the idea that government officials have the only viable solutions. Only the government can save us from this invisible enemy. We are told we have to follow the science -- but only the constantly changing state-sanctioned science. In reality, the science is surrounding COVID-19 is very conflicting and there is absolutely not any consensus.

But what if all of this was all just a distraction?

What if by keeping us focused on the pandemic, government officials and the global elite are actively concealing the greatest crimes against humanity in all of human history? What if this virus was actually manufactured in a lab, crafted with gain-of-function in mind, designed to destroy, and intentionally released on  global population?

What if the purpose was to reduce the number of meat-eating mouth-breathers who are destroying the planet? What if the unknown long term effects of the experimental mRNA vaccination include "accidentally" sterilizing large swaths of future generations? What if this wasn't all just rabbit-hole conspiracy theories?

What if the psychological warfare, the clandestine manipulation of the public mindset, was intentionally preparing people to accept mass quarantine, segregation, and re-education of non-compliant, freedom loving individuals? What if extermination was put on the table as the only viable option to keep people safe threat of dissent?

What if we lose our rights forever, because it's what's best for the greater good?

Such questions can be disturbing. They should be disturbing. Not long ago, this kind of talk would have been unthinkable. But, in midst of this "unprecedented" crisis, it seems like anything is possible.

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