Jan 18, 2022 • 16M

Ep. 39 - The CDC Finally Admits That Masks Don't Work

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The experts have changed their mind, again.

After moving to Small Town USA in the middle of the the covid crisis, I tossed my hat in with the rowdy, rebel rousers, and waved flags along side a small group of passionate patriots who love God and country enough to risk comfort, ridicule, and public shaming. We rallied for medical freedom, confronted local leaders, and warned the public about the tyranny that was overtaking our lives.

It was too few people, and far too late, for our voices to be heard. We were label crazies and misfits, Far Right Extremists, anti-mask, anti-vax, and anti-science -- but we really didn't care. People were losing their jobs, children were suffering, and idea of freedom was rapidly fading into the abyss of an authoritarian state.

Since the start of the pandemic, there have been very few scientist who have had the courage to risk their careers and speak out against the narrative. Two years into this fundamental transformation of society, there is a significant surge in the ranks of descent. People are starting to realize that the shifting science doesn't make sense.

  • Senator Rand Paul has been a vocal critic of Dr. Fauci, publicly calling him out for his contradictions and lies. He has been ridiculed in the media, but has repeatedly been proven right. Now that the CDC has announced that cloth masks do nothing to stop the spread of viral disease, the truth has prevailed again.

  • Renown scientist Dr. Peter McCullough, who has over 600 peer-reviewed publications, has boldly declared that the official narrative has completely crumbled. He points out the fact that authoritarian risk mitigation measures have utterly failed, and testified before congress the politicized response has cost countless lives.

  • But still, powerful forces continue to push the crisis narrative, feeding fear and stoking uncertainty. Headline news tells us that 4 boosters may not be enough to stop Omicron, and Dr. Fauci warns that future variants may again elude immune response, and the NY Times paves the way for face masks forever.

In the sphere of public debate, it is important to acknowledge contrary perspectives. That said, it would be foolish to think that the covid demagogues will admit they've been wrong since the start of the pandemic, about masks, about lock downs, about vaccinations. The truth is irrelevant to tyrants.

This crisis has been crafted for a singular purpose: Control. The sooner the masses awaken to this sham, the quicker we can rally around a future worth having -- and make a stand before freedom is gone for good.

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