Jan 5, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 30 - The Value of Civil Disobedience

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You are being pushed around and told what to do.

They take away your money. They tell you when and where you can go. They tell you what to wear. You are no longer free. They How long will you let this go on?

Humans, in general, tend to acquiesce to government authority for many reasons. Partly because of trust, partly because of apathy; partly because of fear and partly because of ignorance; but mostly because of instinct.

Why? Being obedient keeps us safe. Being obedient makes us good. But, being obedient might also mean that we are in complicit in crimes, atrocities, and destruction of society. Indeed, history indicates an inherent need for civil disobedience.

Civil disobedience is what keeps society in balance. Civil disobedience draws attention and forces the conversation. Civil disobedience is often the first step toward justice, keeping leaders in check, and preventing the consolidation of power.

Why is this important?

  • When healthy individuals can be detained against their will, indefinitely, without any signs or symptoms of illness -- all under the auspice of "public health and safety" -- we have become slaves to the state.

  • When leaders openly declare the intent to antagonize the public by segregating, discriminating, and eliminating access to public life -- unless we follow each new edict with blind obedience -- we have become slaves to the state.

  • When Big Tech and Big Brother get together and decide to enforce compliance by micro-chipping humanity -- with no regard for consent, whether we like it or not -- we have become slaves to the state.

The truth is, we are born free. We are free to resist. We are free to be disobedient. We are free to not comply. We are free to defend ourselves, our rights, and our future.

Your rights are being taken away. Your liberty is being stolen in broad daylight. You are being bullied into submission. Are you content to be a slave? What is your limit?