Jan 4, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 29 - Governments Admit To Mind Control

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Yes, you read that right -- there are multiple governments now admitting that they have used the tools of psychological warfare against their own people. While this may not be news to you, it should certainly be shocking to anyone who values freedom!

As noted yesterday, esteemed vaccinologist Dr. Robert Malone recently spelled out the mechanics of "mass formation psychosis" on the Joe Rogan podcast. He asserts this is what caused a highly intelligent and educated German population to act out insanity.

It's like stage hypnotism, and it's happening here, there, and everywhere, right now:

  • Officials in the UK government are now expressing regret for using totalitarian tactics and unethical methods to manipulate the masses with fear. The intent was to boost compliance by drastically increasing the perceived level of personal threat. This is the weaponization of behavioral psychology.

  • Meanwhile, the Canadian military have confessed to deploying psy-op propaganda on an unsuspecting public -- just to test the techniques. Their campaign was used for "shaping" and "exploiting" information, in order to stave off civil disobedience by all those unruly Canadians.

  • Of course, the US government hasn't been bold enough to admit they are using the same techniques, but the results are obvious with a little observation. What's concerning, is the number of people who are unwilling to see it for what it is.

Unfortunately, all the evidence and data are no anecdote for those who have drank the Kool-Aid. Once one has been hypnotized by government propaganda, it may take a painful smack in the face to wake up. At times, it is very tempting to deliver the service!

Mind control techniques have been around for a long time. Now they have been perfected and fused with prolific technologies that Orwell never even dreamed of. How does that bode for the future of humanity?

That all depends on how many people wake up!

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