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TR 196 - Starvation is Their Strategy

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TR 196 - Starvation is Their Strategy

Connecting the dots between current events and historical precedent indicates that it's time to stock up!

Life is precious.

Unless of course you are a radical environmentalist, commie hack, or central planner for the global cabal. Take WEF guru Yuval Harari for example—famous for labeling humanity hackable animals—and consider his take on our collective future:

“…fast forward to the early 21st century when we just don’t need the vast majority of the population.”

We just don’t need the majority of people. What a fascinating opinion.

People are destroying the planet, or so the thinking goes. Robots and AI make the majority of the population useless eaters, or so the thinking goes. Now it is the job of our “enlightened leaders” to decide how to reduce and reign in the troublesome population that is consuming precious resources—or so the thinking goes.

It is important to grasp this perspective. As twisted and skewed as it may seem, these are firmly held beliefs among the global elites and the useful idiots alike. From the top down, academic eggheads and educated idiots have convinced themselves that they are right and that they alone have the answers. Decades of institutional indoctrination have ensured hordes of unintelligent pupils revere their opinions.

Science and good sense be damned.

As with many lies, there may be a shred of truth to the conjecture. This serves to make the theory palpable to the crowded minds of the majority.

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