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TR 195 - Some Truly Ironic Contradictions About the Trusted News Initiative

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TR 195 - Some Truly Ironic Contradictions About the Trusted News Initiative

Considering the public impact of this insidious plot to dupe to whole of humanity.

Belief is a choice.

What do you believe? Why do you believe? Who do you believe?

Believing something is an interesting phenomenon. We’ve all believed something was true that later turned out to be false, have we not? There is always a reason why we believe what we do, and that largely depends on who we believe is telling the truth.

Trust and belief are inextricably linked. That’s why the government frets over Americans losing trust in politicians, institutions and legacy media outlets. If the masses no longer believe what the state tells them, they are no longer easily controlled. This is why the threat of “misinformation” has come front and center.

Do you believe what the state tells you? Do you trust the government? Let’s set those questions aside for a moment and entertain some ironic contradictions:

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