Sep 8, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 193 - The Unthinkable is Happening

Scan the horizon, consider the trends, contemplate the balance of means and ends...

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Follow the thought.

As previously explained, the merging of public health with environmental health (known as the One Health initiative) is the one agenda to rule them all. Like the magical ring of power from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings epic, this one agenda wields the mystical power to unite the masses in a collective state of delusion that is destined to consolidate power and reshape humanity—and not in a good way.

Backing up a bit, after speaking at a recent event I was asked about my process for preparing the daily Torch Report. It amounts to roughly four hours of reading, researching, writing, recording, and web admin to package and present each episode—and I am deeply grateful for the members of the Patriot Club who financially support this effort!

During the talk, I explained how I peruse the news connecting the dots threaded throughout the mainstream propaganda, looking for outliers, and searching for the pulse of the most important issues. When the media is echoing talking points in concert and keeping the public’s attention fixated on secondary issues, I look to the global organizations that are orchestrating the big picture strategies.

That’s where we find what’s next on the agenda.

Today, while the talking heads fret over polls, massive election fraud, and more political violence, some of the outliers include major school districts once again forcing kids to wear a mask, coroners associating strange fibrous blood clots in people who’ve died from the mRNA injections, scientists confirming the presence of “metal like objects” in vaccinated individuals, and more perfectly healthy people *inexplicably* dying—quickly making “unknown cause” the leading cause of death.

I share this small selection of clips just to make the point… what is happening is sickening, sad, and deeply disturbing… it hurts my heart to know much more suffering will come.

Of course, none of this is big news—unless you care about the future of humanity.

How can this be happening?

It almost hurts too much to think about it, but we must press on. There are many people who believe that these deaths are all part of an effort to depopulate the earth. Who can blame them for forming such an unthinkable conclusion? I’m sure it’s all just conspiracy—nothing to see here, get your shot, sit down, and shut up.

Moving on.

Because today was one of those days where nothing important had graced the headlines, I clicked over to the World Health Organization’s website to see what the cabal was up to. It was no surprise to find they have been exceedingly active, weaving their plot to merge public health with the radical climate agenda. Just this week, commie hack WHO director Tedros made another “call for global action”—this time in support for the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Before we dig into this, consider the unprecedented energy crises sweeping the globe, and realize that this is no coincidence—pain is all part of the transformative process.

According to the WHO:

“The modern addiction to fossil fuels is not just an act of environmental vandalism.

In terms of human health, it is an act of self-sabotage.”

One might point out that allowing a bunch of globalist nutcases to take over the world would also be an act of self-sabotage, but nevermind that! The spew continues:

“On top of that, the pollutants pumped into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels kill an estimated seven million people each year. 

Today’s dialogue is an opportunity to focus on how we can work together to address climate change, with health as the key driver.”

There are several key takeaways here:

  1. The WHO just declared that burning fossil fuels kills more people every year (~7 million) than COVID-19 has killed in the last three years (~6.4 million).

  2. The words “dialogue is an opportunity to focus” offer keen insight into how the globalists collaborate to fleece the public and shaft humanity.

  3. The idea that public health is the key addressing climate change conceals the impetus to control the human population by any and all means necessary.

Since fossil fuels are a greater threat to public health than the virus ever was, the justification to prioritize the radical climate agenda now comes front and center. However, even though we’ve seen this coming, do not lose sight of the fact the cabal will still continue to use future pandemics to further accelerate the shift to Future Earth.

From the WHO just today:

“We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a seismic shock to global health and the global economy. But we also know that this will not be the last pandemic. The next one is a matter of when, not if.

So, while the current shift is toward the climate agenda, the “next pandemic” remains a powerful tool that they clearly intend to use. If the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty (FFNPT) fails to gain traction—or perhaps even if it does—the threat of the next invisible enemy will undoubtedly be used to further restrict human activity, as always to save the planet. You can bank on it.

The correlation between these global initiatives and current events should be clear. What else can we learn by looking at the globalists plans? According to their website, the aim is to use the FFNPT to achieve the following goals:

  • “Prevent the proliferation of coal, oil and gas by ending all new exploration and production” including an “immediate end to exploration and expansion into new reserves” —which, by the way, will devastate the global economy.

  • “Phase-out existing production of fossil fuels” by “regulating fossil fuel supply, limiting extraction, removing subsidies for production, dismantling unnecessary infrastructure” —and defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples

  • “Fast-track real solutions and a just transition for every worker, community and country” which demands “urgent collective action” and a “proactive plan to enable economic diversification” —because this will destroy economies.

Looking at the language being used provides clues as to what lies ahead. The “urgent collective action” will be a global initiative to enable “economic diversification.” Just to cut to the chase, this is pointing toward the transition to a global digital currency—which will no doubt be connected to a global digital identity.

This helps explain the Inaugural meeting of the Governing Board of the Financial Intermediary Fund for Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Responsewhich is also happening today (but isn’t in the news). What’s on the agenda? Nothing less than the intent to create a new “Financial Intermediary Fund” to fill in the gaps in funding “Pandemic Prevention, Preparedness and Response.”

Think of it this way:

The globalist agenda seeks total control over humanity. They will achieve this once they’ve fully installed an inescapable global surveillance state. COVID-19 was the start of the Great Reset and successive pandemics will be used to usher us into Future Earth. As economies contract and collapse, civil unrest will rise, and the need for humanitarian aid and peace keepers will dramatically increase.

But since countries and economies will be imploding all around the globe, they needed to create a Financial Intermediary Fund as a vehicle for global bankers to fabricate virtual money out of thin air in order to fund the total take over.

At least that’s how I interpret it.

Economic prosperity and political stability stand in the way of these aims. It is no coincidence that this proposal is being urgently advanced before the G20 meeting in November. This coincides perfectly with the Biden administration’s executive order Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets—which will report at the same time.

Meanwhile people die.

People die every day. It’s a sad but natural part of life. That said, there is nothing natural about living as slaves under a global surveillance state. There is nothing natural about government forced genetic injections killing off healthy people. There is nothing natural about the massive acts of “self-sabotage” —the literal destruction of economies, cultures, and our entire way of life—being implemented by global cabal.

I take that back… maybe it is perfectly natural:

Evil people do evil things. Stupid people get duped. Rebels resist. Conflict ensues.

My advice? Buckle-up buttercup, it’s about to get bumpy. Prepare to make a stand!

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