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TR 192 - Next Level Indoctrination

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TR 192 - Next Level Indoctrination

How the globalists are re-engineering society through public education.

It’s school time.

For the majority of families in America, Fall time means back-to-school time. Kids gather supplies, stuff their backpacks, pack their lunches, and head off to the local indoctrination center to gain a globalist perspective and be assimilated into the collective group of peers that defines each generation.

It’s a longstanding tradition.

All joking aside, decades of public education have taught students the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic; offered popular electives like wood shop, home economics, and art; and prepared young pupils for public engagement with classes like social studies, history, and government. This has been a boon to humanity, lifting countless children out of illiteracy and abject ignorance. This is all good stuff.

But years ago, something changed. It would be difficult to pinpoint exactly when, how, or why, but it has become undeniable that public education has undergone a radical shift away from equipping students with practical knowledge and life skills—in favor of indoctrinating children into socialist thinking and a globalist world view.

Kids are being groomed to be “good humans” by state sanctioned standards.

It’s hard to let go.

Though many parents have been loosely aware of this shift, the shamdemic-plandemic gave moms and dads an unprecedented peek into their child’s education. With kids attending classes virtually, the twisted and thin curriculum was pumped directly into homes across the country—and many people were rightly disturbed by what they saw.

This kicked-off a surge in parent participation at school board meetings, where they challenged the state propaganda that was being branded into the brains of budding young students. The pushback brought great scrutiny upon those who dared speak out, ultimately leading the state to declare these rebel parents domestic terrorists.

Still, with all of this going on—on top of the masking, vaxxing, social distancing, perpetual testing, etc.—many parents have continued to send their children into the cesspool of public education. Many feel as if they don’t really have a choice, which makes a large percentage of future generations a captive audience for the global cabal.

Parents want to see their kid’s school play or want their kids to play sports. They want their kids to enjoy American traditions like homecoming, prom, and high school graduation. There is a desire for kids to have a school experience that is relatable to the parent’s own experience, a sort of continuity of culture and local tradition.

This is all understandable and perfectly natural, but things have changed. A lot.

Schools used to be safe and useful, but now they are more harmful and hostile than most can even imagine. The progressive movement (i.e. socialist, communists, marxists, globalists, etc) has long infiltrated institutions of education, acting out the impulse to separate children from their parents and treat them as property of the state. The goal was simple: Condition generations of compliant global citizens.

In order for the majority of humanity to accept the illogical and insane propositions embedded within progressive ideology, the indoctrination must start young and be exceedingly thorough. Hence, the wrap-around efforts like Head Start, after school programs, and free summer time meals. Parents and children have both been trained to rely upon what the state so generously offers—to eat from the hand of tyrants.

I realize that may seem a bit harsh and many would extol the virtues of state education, but there is very real damage being done, harm being caused, children being hurt and damaged for life—all in broad daylight—which is all part of the plan.


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