Sep 2, 2022 • 18M

EP. 190 - A Big Step Toward Tyranny

Looking at the implications of Biden's hateful rhetoric and what it means for MAGA.

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Last night Sock-Puppet-President Joe Biden shamed the nation with hateful rhetoric that marginalized and dehumanized millions of American patriots. The optics were so bad that even the mainstream media questioned his strategy. Ultimately, set against a blood-red backdrop, with marines standing by, shaking his feeble fists in the air, Biden made one more giant step toward absolute tyranny.

It’s shocking to see this level of escalation—like something straight out of a history book. That said, before we dive into what it all means, I want to close a few loops:

Insanity is on full display.

Remember that unprecedented energy crisis in Europe? From Ep. 186:

To ignore global politics in the current circumstance would be a costly mistake. The opportunity to observe how the global agenda is playing out in other countries right now, provides us with the ability to see what’s coming our way. All across Europe, things are quickly moving from bad to worse as radical climate policies and political chaos cripple entire countries.

Thanks to radical climate agenda policies, Europeans have lost the ability to heat and cool their own homes according to personal needs and preference—and now the citizens of uber-woke Colorado are joining them. This week the power company seized control, locking homeowners out of their own thermostats against their will.

Too hot? Too cold? The government doesn’t care. Welcome to Operation Thermostat, which simultaneously helps good humans save the planet while standing in solidarity with Ukraine. Now the government controls your level of comfort in your own home.

In this same vein of insanity comes the news that California, facing its own self-inflicted energy crisis, is now telling residents not to use large appliances or charge their progressive Electric Vehicles—just days after the state pass a ban on gasoline motors. Citizens were notified by a Flex Alert, to which some were quick to wit:

“California recently ruled to ban gas powered cars by 2035 but just put out a warning to 'avoid charging electric vehicles' due to power grid issues and blackout.”

But the real meat of the message was from the alert itself:

“During a Flex Alert, consumers are urged to reduce energy use from 4-9 p.m. when the system is most stressed because demand for electricity remains high and there is less solar energy available,” the release said.

“Lowering electricity use during that time will ease strain on the system, and prevent more drastic measures, including rotating power outages,” it added.

Getting a government alert on your phone? You’d better comply, otherwise they’ll have to resort to “more drastic measures” — like pulling the plug and turning off your power. How’s that for leverage over the peasants?

Which brings up a point:

There is well documented collaboration between Big Tech and our corrupt government—not the least of which is the recent revelation that Facebook has been actively censoring information on behalf of the Biden administration since before he was even in office—but Operation Thermostat brings up a bigger issue.

When the government takes control your thermostat, they do so remotely in direct collaborate with a private corporation. This is why the globalist are so giddy about public-private partnerships and the whole-of-government approach to authoritarian control. What happens if we expand this collaboration to other foreseeable events?

Let’s just say there’s another zombie apocalypse and the pandemic response demands people adhere to a strict curfew and quarantine rules. The government can track your phone and tell if you leave the house, but people get wise and start leaving the phones on the table. To circumvent the preventable spread of disease, the government takes more “drastic measures” and seizes control of your door-lock.

Is that possible?

What if they used Alexa to listen for people in the house and to make public service announcements? What if the remote security cameras were used to keep track of your presence and alerted authorities if you tried to sneak out? What if there were drones outside using heat sensors to track down dissenters?

Of course this is all just a dystopian hypothetical thought experiment, but is it possible?

Right now, people are losing control over their thermostats and being threatened with pulling the plug on the power grid in order to achieve an arbitrary environmental agenda. Just to reemphasize, this so-called ‘energy crisis’ and state of emergency was, and still is, entirely avoidable.

As we’ve seen, what this is really all about, is control.

Let’s connect some more dots.

Just as manufactured energy crises lead to more government control, so too do manufactured public health emergencies. From Ep. 185:

“Fauci and his ilk had facilitated “the next pandemic” by dropping safety measures amidst an explosion of covid infections throughout the summer. Not only was this politically expedient, it also fed a spread of covid that would go unnoticed until the fall time kickoff, when testing would once again ramp up and fuel a fresh batch of scary statistics to drive public policy.

Today in the news, while the majority of people are mesmerized by the sock-puppet’s tyrannical speech or the Mar-a-Lago-pony show, the White House is requesting an additional $22.4 billion to continue the fight against the invisible enemy COVID-19. More specifically:

“Officials argued that a lack of funding has prevented them from adequately replenishing national stockpiles of at-home tests.

Officials said on Friday that while there are some tests available in the stockpile, there is not enough funding to get through a surge in the fall.”

Just to be clear: Without adequate at-home testing, there would be no fall surge!

All of this was predictable, as are the implication for the midterm elections. More funding fuels more testing, which fuels more cases, which fuels more fear, which drive public policy heading into the elections. Just like the rules were bent or ignored because of the pandemic in the 2020 elections, so too shall this more recently funded outbreak interfere with the midterms.

The midterms tie this all together.

Biden’s speech set the stage for the next manufactured crisis—a political crisis. Last night Joe Biden redefined the constitution and what it means to be an American. He declared that the radical Left was the true bearer of American tradition, and that the progressive minions fighting for democracy are the only hope for our future.

He emphasized the importance of accepting the outcome of “free and fair” elections—knowing damn good and well that he was installed by the most sophisticated and inclusive voter fraud operation in American history.

He denounced political violence—knowing damn good and well it is the Left that has been a violent scourge upon our country, who repeatedly and openly call for violence, perpetrate violence always believing that the ends justify the means.

More than anything he gave the media talking points and spoon-fed the masses what they needed to hear in order believe the spin and accept what’s about to happen. I have no crystal ball, but in my bones it feels like the stage has been set for civil war.

Whether it’s a false flag, a loose cannon, or a sincere attempt to set things straight, those who want to Make America Great Again have been targeted as enemies of the state and they are being provoked so as to be eradicated. Here’s a theory:

September: Mar-a-Lago drags on setting the stage to indict Trump, while Biden’s speech insults MAGA Americans as extremists and warns of political violence.

October: Trump gets arrested, riots breakout, covid spikes, elections are in jeopardy.

November: Illegitimate elections under the cover of chaos, brutal use of force to quell a national uprising, and a spark in the tinderbox ignite a civil war.

December: Christmas is canceled because of covid, forced quarantines keep people from talking, cyber attacks interrupt communication, and rebels are hunted at will.

January? Who knows where we’ll be by then. This is all just random speculation.

I could be wildly wrong.

Then again… isn’t always wise to prepare for the worse? Given the nature of current circumstance, I think we can all agree that anything is possible.