Aug 31, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 188 - Inequality With a Latin Twist

Learning from the political upheaval of Latin America.

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This is interesting.

The global shift toward socialism is playing out in countries around the world. Much of the recent focus has been on “fighting for democracy” in Europe, but there has been a lot of leftist political action in South American as well.

In a Time magazine article titled Chile’s Millennial President Is a New Kind of Leftist Leader, we are told that millennial President Gabriel Boric is currently shepherding his country through a period of “historic uncertainty.” Proudly identifying as a leftist radical, Boric’s rise to power came after months of massives protests over “inequality” prompted politicians to elect a new radical leader and replace Chile’s constitution.

The radical Left had declared that the country’s constitution was a “dictatorship-era document that underpins its market-driven economic system”—an economic system that just so happened to lift millions of Chileans out of poverty. Chile’s current constitution, which was written in 1979 after the overthrow of a Marxist tyrant, is now claimed to be an “ideological straitjacket” that was designed to “restrain whoever is governing.” Imagine that.

So, the Chilean people toppled a Marxist tyrant, created a market based economy, and wrote up a constitution that restrained the powers of government. Poverty plummeted, spirits lifted, and Chile’s society stabilized and thrived for decades.

Then a radical socialist student protester made an unprecedented rise to power and became the youngest leader the country has ever had, and Gabriel Boric now sits at the helm of a “bold social experiment” that aims to achieve “sweeping progressive reforms” and institute a new socialist constitution. Fascinating.

And wouldn’t you know it, running on a platform of higher taxes, a green economy, and greater equality made Boric the most popular president ever elected.

Of course, this was all achieved through totally secure democratic elections, wherein a cobbled together coalition of Communists, Democratic Socialists, and radical environmentalists somehow managed to secure the majority vote.

Now these nutcases are remaking the country. It’s a fundamental transformation.

Here’s how it’s being sold:

In Chile, many hope that rewriting the constitution could address inequality in a uniquely democratic way—and perhaps serve as an example for other nations.

Did you catch it? Addressing inequality by scrapping a restrictive constitution is uniquely democratic—and this serves as an example for other nations.

Don’t think it can’t happen here.

By leveraging mob rule and rigging elections, the cabal can install socialist leaders who will fight for the communist cause in lockstep with their global leaders. They have the same ideas, use the same language, and exploit the same emotions all around the globe. While the useful idiots believe they are voting for hope, change, and progress, the elite consolidate power, control, and influence.

Oh, did I mention that the majority of Chileans reject the idea of a new constitution? Evidently this is because of an “insidious trend of misinformation” —not because Chile’s Catholic majority reject late term abortions, the abolition of property rights, and forfeiting water rights to the state.

As you might suspect, the opposition to this new constitution is trying to “silence and minimize” women and minorities by copying tactics from “far-right leaders” like Donald Trump. Some fringe activists are even questioning the election integrity and “hinting they may not accept the results of the referendum.”

Of course, the U.S. funded global non-profit Freedom House has declared that “Chile’s electoral framework is robust and generally well implemented” —which means just like in America, there is nothing to see here, move along.

About that inequality.

By now it should be obvious that what’s happening in Chile is not unique. In fact, it’s all part of the plan. One of the big takeaways here, is how effective the idea of inequality is at stirring up discontent among the masses. The push for diversity, equity, and inclusion preys upon the emotional vulnerabilities of unintelligent and indoctrinated individuals.

That is why is so deeply embedded in the globlist’s agenda.

The entire notion is equality is stubborningly idiotic. Anyone willing to observe reality and honestly reflect on the natural state of humanity will quickly dismiss idea that equality is even possible. Where does equality exist in nature? Nowhere.

Are people equal? No. Some are big, some are small, some are smart, and some have no smarts at all. Do all people share that same inherent value as a living human being? Many would argue this is the case, but I strongly disagree.

Criminals, predators, people who prey upon the innocent, people who abuse children—these evildoers do not hold equal value in my mind. They are worthless human beings who are better off dead. That is my callous opinion.

Setting that aside, proponents of equality often point to equal opportunity as the hallmark of a just society. From this angle, the reason inequality is rampant is because people don’t have the same access to resources and opportunities, which constitutes injustice. Fools of this ilk believe that people do not have equal opportunity because rich white people are oppressing poor minorities—or in socialist terms, the burgeoise is oppressing the proletariat.

That’s why the working class must unite and rise up to claim the resources being exploited by the ruling class for themselves. That’s how equality is acheived.

This is best accomplished by banding together and protesting the injustices inherent in a world of haves and have-nots. Look what they have—they don’t deserve that, you are the ones who do the labor! Nobody deserves to have that much wealth, especially when so many people have to suffer and go without!

It’s not fair!

To which commonsense quickly replies: Life is not fair!

It never has been and it never will be. No amount of social revolution will ever create equality, because equality does not exist. Human nature exists. And, by the very nature of being human, when the workers rise up they too will exploit their fellow humans. They will abuse their authority and consolidate power. They will crush dissent and all who threaten what they deem is best. That’s how it goes.

Thus, the socialist impulse drive endless cycles of revolution wherein warring factions compete for power and control over the people. It is always assumed that once “we” are in charge, the utopian dream will be achieved. We just have to convince everyone to do what we say, that way we can make sure everything is equal. Anyone who disagrees is oppressing women and minorities.

Democracy is a communist tactic used to facilitate mob rule, which is the rising up of workers to overthrow the ruling class, taken straight from the manifesto:

"The first step in the revolution by the working class is to raise the proletariat to the position of the ruling class; to win the battle of democracy."

Democracy promises equality. It promises diversity, equity, and inclusion. But in reality, democracy leads to suffering, starvation, and death under the rule of authoritarian tyrants who are high on their own power.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Americans take note: Just like the Republic of Chile is being taken over by the socialist cabal, so too shall our Republic fall if we don’t wake up to what’s going on. The boldest social experiment in the history of humanity was founding America as a country of free individuals—and our experiment will fail if democracy prevails!