Aug 30, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 187 - The Strange & Insane Explained

What do drag queen story hour, covid vaccines, and WW3 all have in common?

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Something’s not right.

Spread throughout the mainstream outlets are numerous themes that appear to be completely disconnected—but they are connected, as I’m about explain.

Let’s start with something strange, an outlier than doesn’t add up:

Isn’t it strange that the U.S. military is still denying religious exemptions to the COVID-19 vaccine and now demanding that recruits leave within 24 hours? It’s strange because The Science is now clear that covid poses no statistical threat to young healthy adults, while conversely there is mounting evidence of significant risks, including lifelong debilitation and death, associated with getting the jab.

Why not just embrace these brave individuals who signed up to risk their lives in order to protect our country and let them make their own decisions regarding the vax? Instead of honoring their intent to serve, service members who are challenging the mandates in court have been relocated into deplorable conditions—evidently in order to keep their vaccinated cohorts safe from the great unclean.

This may not seem like big news, but I would like to point out that the government is doing what the government does: Demanding control. More specifically, the government is acting as if it owns people in the military and can treat them anyway it chooses, regardless of personal conviction or informed medical preference.

Just as the military aims to control what troops do with their bodies, so too does the government at large aims to control what you do with your body.

The fact that this is being challenged in court, with some service members winning victories over this medical tyranny, is of little consolation. The bigger issue is that the government assumes it has the authority to stick a needle in your arm and inject you with an experimental genetic therapy against your will. Though that is not a hot-button issue at the moment, it is certainly not going away.

How can I be so sure?

Current news indicates the government has now joined forces with the Rockefeller Foundation to fund and run the “Mercury Project” to focus on using behavioral psychology in a massive propaganda campaign to overcome vaccine resistance around the globe. From the Social Science Research Council, we learn this:

The Mercury Project is a global consortium of researchers dedicated to combating the impacts of mis- and disinformation on public health and to finding interventions that support the spread and uptake of accurate health information.

Together, we can build a healthier information environment.

In June, the National Science Foundation forked over $20 million to support the project, with the following intent:

“This innovative partnership will support research teams seeking to evaluate online or offline interventions to increase Covid-19 vaccination demand and other positive health behaviors, including by targeting the producers and/or consumers of inaccurate health information and/or by increasing confidence in reliable health information.”

Among other things, this strategy includes:

Conducting literacy training for secondary school students in partnership with local authorities to help students identify Covid-19 vaccine misinformation.  

Equipping trusted messengers with communication strategies to increase Covid-19 vaccination demand.

Using social networks to share tailored, community-developed messaging to increase Covid-19 vaccination demand.”

Stop the tape!

Isn’t it STRANGE that the government, in conjunction with global progressive non-profits, is spending an obscene amount of money to mentally manipulate the masses into complying with an experimental genetic therapy that still has no long term studies? What’s with this strange obsession? Why the intense and concerted effort?

Underlying this initiative, is the assumption that people are not capable of making their own informed medical decisions. Even more insidious is the open intent to “target” producers and/or consumers of misinformation—including indoctrinating school kids to identify any information that runs counter narrative.

Isn’t that just a little bit creepy?

If you’ve been with me for awhile, you know this is all part of the globalist’s effort to eradicate dissent under the auspice of immunizing humanity against misinformation. Think about what that means.

They want to control what information you receive and use behavioral psychology and neuro-linguistic programming to control your perspective—in other words, they want to control your brain. This effort is being made to convince you to accept a questionable genetic therapy, against your will, your instinct, and your better judgement—in other words, they want to control your body.

When the government controls your brain and your body, you’ve become a hackable animal. You are no longer free. You are a slave to the global masters. You will do what they tell you to do, think what they tell you to think, believe what they want you to believe, and feel how they want you to feel.

Is that okay?

Are you okay with this? I mean, surely at least some of their “positive” behavioral changes could be a boon for humanity. Imagine if this effort was directed at cultivating healthy eating habits—like eating bugs instead of meat—or perhaps shaping impressionable youth into good humans who celebrate the diversity, equity, and inclusion of drag queens parading around at story time.

With programs like the Mercury Project, the government can finally help children understand that police are perpetrators of violence who “have been trained to see people of color, gender-nonconforming folks, and Muslims as criminals,” and that black-clad heavily armed Antifa thugs protecting grown men dancing around in women’s underwear is the epitome of selfless community service.

Surely that would make the strange new world a much better place!

I know you know I’m joking, so let’s move on to the even more insane.

Yesterday, I pointed out that the global elite had quietly removed an article that extolled the benefits of world hunger—specifically that hungry peasants work for cheap and make their masters wealthy. Today we find this headline: A Benefit Of Soaring Inflation: Americans Are Starting To Eat Less.

It may seem inconsequential, but the juicy detail here is that people are starting to eat less high-priced meats (think steak), just as the global cabal has planned.

Which means their plan is working. These bastards are masters of strategy and deceit. They are as effective at manipulating the economy as they are at manipulating humanity itself—and the two are inextricably linked. Which begs the question:

What’s next?

If greater inflation drives down unsustainable consumption (because people can’t afford groceries) and means people are polluting less (because they can’t afford gas), I suspect the cabal will continue to crash the economy and destroy the dollar in further preparation for the new Central Bank Digital Coin.

Why would the powers that be intentionally destroy the American economy? Isn’t the U.S. dollar still the world’s reserve currency? Wouldn’t that be insane?

By now you know the answer: It’s all part of the plan. The global cabal does not care about the American economy. They want to control the global economy to ensure greater equity and reduce economic disparities between nation states. Remember the goal? You will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy.

Just in case it hasn’t sunk in, this already how people live in many third-world countries. What is implied is this goal is the complete and utter destruction of the American way of life. You will own nothing, eat bugs, and be happy. In fact, you will be conditioned to accept this new way of life as a woke human being who is satisfied to sacrifice the fruits of your labor for economic equality and the greater good.

Orchestrating the chaos, manufacturing the energy crisis, the food shortages, and the economic collapse, is how the cabal intends to take control. Global wars simply provide cover for this geopolitical re-engineering and offer a convenient means of executing the plan. Hence, Iran was just announced the biggest winner of the war in Ukraine, Taiwan is aggressively provoking a much larger enemy, and the American embassy in Baghdad is under fire as the Middle East implodes.

Tucked into the mix of all this insanity is the fact that the weaponized IRS is now hiring the same lady who was previously found guilty for targeting conservative groups, to oversee the 87,000 new well-armed agents who are being trained to use deadly force so that the government can squeeze every penny out of the peasants before the ship goes down—and ensure compliance with the new centralized system once the Great Reset is complete.

But you know what’s really really insane? Biden is once again gaining in popularity and more and more useful idiots are now warming up to his re-election in 2024—and this comes despite the fact that a growing number of Americans believe our country is more divided than ever and that civil war is now inevitable.

Would you believe me if I told you that that is all part of the plan too?

As insane as it seems, there are those who want blood in the streets. As long as Americans are fighting each other, they’ll be too busy to fight the cabal. By the time enough patriots realize who’s pulling the strings, and how to effectively fight back against this invisible enemy, the country will be lying in ruin.

I’m an optimist, but none of this bodes well for the future.

Patriots take note: We need viable solutions and they all start with a conversation, so please share this with a friend!

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