Aug 24, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 183 - Freedom is On the Ballot!

Taking a look at the high-level politics shaping the midterm election.

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Pivot and spin.

Yesterday I mentioned the interesting shift in sentiment among political establishment figures, who now believe the Dems might be able to capture the House and hold the Senate this midterm election. It seems preposterous to anyone who has been paying attention, given the lame brain Biden administration’s abject failure on everything from covid response and woke policy to soaring prices and economic recession—let alone the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan.

…or how these epic failures may have emboldened Putin to invade Ukraine.

In reality, America is less safe, less secure, and less stable than ever before.

All thanks to Biden.

Still, the big spin in the media this week is how Dems are set to win big in the midterms—all thanks to Biden. Understanding that the polls and mainstream media puke are little more than a gross public fleecing (psychological warfare), let’s get a sense of what they want us to believe:

“The backlash to the end of Roe, combined with flagging headwinds, could potentially allow Democrats to defy the historic trend that the party controlling Congress and the presidency almost always loses seats in the midterms. Already, the party’s chances to hold or tighten its grip on the Senate appear to be decent after a crop of Donald Trump’s handpicked Republican candidates have struggled.”

“Several states where reproduction rights are at risk are seeing a surge in women registering to vote following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade case, abolishing the constitutional right to abortion.

This isn’t just a blue state phenomena. In fact, it is more pronounced in states where choice is more at risk, or has been eliminated by the decision.”

“The Democrats are riding a wave of successes the past few weeks. Gas prices edging downward, passage of the improbably named Inflation Reduction Act, successful meddling in Republican primaries and improving poll numbers have combined to make Biden and his compatriots believe they can win control of the Senate, and optimism is rising about the House.”

To round it out, I’ll throw in this little screenshot from

Do you see what’s happening here?

Conservative Americans only thought they were going to win their country back this election cycle. But then those radical Republican extremists and their Christian extremist contingency went a step too far and defiled the Left’s sacred cow (abortion rights), and now they are set to reap the whirlwind!

Setting that farce aside, there is much more going on here than meets the eye. The 2022 midterm may get flipped on its head, but not for the reasons they portend. When Mitch-the-Turtle McConnell attempts to dampen expectations due to “candidate quality” you know the fix is in. The Republican party doesn’t want to elect feisty freedom loving constitutional candidates—they want Liz Cheney.

But more than than, the Republican establishment wants to survive and stay relevant in an increasingly global world. They need to elect candidates who are on board with the broader agenda, who are willing to play nice in the political circus in order to earn their place at the table and enjoy their slice of the pie.

Deeper still lies a direct subversion of confidence in the upcoming elections. This is a two-pronged attack: 1) Dash the hopes of conservatives, and 2) Tell them why they are going to lose. The backlash to overturning Roe is a record number of women registering to vote in Red States. At least that’s the story.

And voter registration is totally legit, right? No fraud there, right?

The Left now has a narrative to swell voter rolls that sounds plausible to the general public. Unfortunately, there is zero chance of any transparency or accountability whatsoever between now and the night votes are tallied. That means more shenanigans and electoral fraud, all with sufficient political cover.

But wait, there’s more!

Also in the news today is Biden giving the middle finger to millions of hard-working middle-class families and students who have proudly worked their way through college, in order to curry favor with the woke minions who are buried under a heap of student loans and worthless degrees.

Beyond illegally breaking private contracts, eviscerating personal responsibility, and saddling American taxpayers with some $300 billion in additional debt, I’m sure it’s a brilliant idea. What better way to buy the votes of millions of indoctrinated useful idiots just ahead of elections?!

And just in case you aren’t convinced they are pulling out all the stops, you might be surprised to learn (as I was) that this 2022 midterm American’s will be putting slavery on the ballot all across the country! Yes, you read that right. Look:

How f—king historic!

No doubt that will help the Dems get out the vote and see a record number of new voter registrations among “people of color” as well. More political cover.

Here’s a preemptive public service announcement:

Anyone who questions the unprecedented rise in voter registrations among women, college students, and people of color that allows Democrats to win both chambers of congress in November is a misogynistic racist extremist.

Worse yet, they might even be a Christian insurrectionist, Republican white supremacist, or one of the worst extremists of all, the uber extreme MAGA crowd!

I know you know I’m joking, but this is really no laughing matter.

This is a high-level political game that just might drive a stake through the heart of the American Dream—which is just exactly what they aim to do. Those of us who want to conserve American traditions and our way of life are standing in the way of the Great Reset. In many ways, it appears this may boil down to an epic showdown between country folk and the global cabal.

But don’t lose sight of the bigger picture: There are millions of people who already adamantly believe that our planet is in an existential crisis, that republicans are racist, and that Joe Biden is the most popular president ever elected. Millions of people believe that supporting the progressive agenda makes you a good human.

Millions of people believe that free speech is hate speech, they believe that misinformation is a threat to humanity, and that the government is on their side.

Millions of people believe that the government is going to protect them and keep them safe, that the government will feed them, shelter them, give them free phones, free healthcare, and a free education. Are all these people wrong?

No, they are not wrong—they are just fools. They fail to see their reliance on the government is a weakness and liability. Like pigs in a pen, the fools fail to realize they are in a trap of dependence, no longer free, and being farmed for their votes like slaves. Their domestication and detachment from reality leads to a diminished experience that slowly suffocates the human spirit. Hackable animals indeed.

For the useful idiots, the political elite, and the global cabal, it’s a win-win relationship. For those who love freedom, self-sovereignty and value life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, it’s a losing proposition.

The stakes are high. Patriots take note and spread the word:

People were born to be free and freedom is on the ballot!