Aug 23, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 182 - Death of the American Spirit?

Examining the peculiar acceptance of abject corruption and what it means for the future of our country.

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Scandals mount.

The political distraction of the day is still the Mar-a-Lago trove of classified documents seized by the FBI in a questionable raid of Donald Trump’s personal property. The deep state has yet again leaked information to the New York Times and Trump has filed legal action to appoint a “special master” to keep government officials accountable during the review process.

Based on the prior legal precedent established when Bill Clinton hid classified tapes in his underwear drawer, and when Hillary Clinton destroyed 33,000 emails on her unsecured personal server (which was used for official business, including transmitting Top Secret information, and was hacked by foreign agents), and her wiping of government issued Blackberries with BleachBit (before destroying them with a hammer), I suspect Trump will once again be exonerated—but not before the establishment drags him through the mud for another election cycle.

But again, this is just a distraction. While it clearly demonstrates the two-tiered justice system, the collusion between the deep state, the media and weaponized federal agencies, none of this is going to change business as usual in Washington DC. Such blatant disregard for the rule of law is simply common in the swamp.

The bigger take away, from a broader angle, is the lengths to which the deep state is prepared to go to cover its own ass and keep Donald Trump out of office. There is a distinct shift in the headlines right now that indicates Democrats think they’ve got Trump hobbled enough to turn their malicious intent toward destroying Florida Governor Ron Desantis. From

“If the Democratic candidates can make Ron DeSantis the poster boy for Republican extremism and what the future of Republican extremism can look like if he’s not defeated, then they can position themselves to win.”

DeSantis is considered a top contender for the White House in 2024, having demonstrated strong leadership throughout the pandemic and arguably being less controversial than Donald Trump. But more interesting than that, is the influx of chatter about how Democrats might hold the House and the Senate in November—which utterly defies logic given the current mood in America.

But I don’t care.

I am long past the point of expecting the Republican establishment to do anything to save our Republic. If Republicans fail to capitalize on the failures and frailty of Joe Biden, it is only because the entrenched establishment (aka the deep state) seeks to maintain their death grip on the American political system.

In short, the two-party is rigged and the idea of a representative government is little more than a remnant illusion. We are already under the rule of global governance and top-level politicians are all in on the game.

As such, what I care about is people waking up to this fact. When Mitch McConnell stands up and declares Trump supporters “were trying to prevent the orderly transfer of power for the first time in American history,” and lies through his teeth about “very little election fraud,” the disconnect is abundantly clear.

There is no desire for election integrity, transparency or accountability, which constitute the very foundation of representative government. There is only a desire for more power and control over the peasants, and clandestine collaboration with the global cabal serves to expedite the process. They win, we lose.

The Death of America

Recent polling reflects the deep psychological conditioning inflicted upon the American people. The liberal media is trumpeting the fact that ‘threats to democracy’ is now the most important issue ahead of the midterms. Apparently, the historic inflation that is driving a meteoric rise in the cost of living is a secondary issue—as are the faltering economy and the destruction of the dollar.

The millions of people who are concerned about the supposed “threats to democracy” fail to see that political corruption is the greatest threat of all. They also remain ignorant to the fact that “the battle for democracy” is a communist tactic that is used to consolidate control by leveraging mob rule.

Here’s the thing: All of this polling is really just psychological warfare.

Hearkening back to Ep. 65 - The Responsibility To Protect, this excerpt is an excellent refresher on the techniques being used to manipulate public perception:

Back to the patterns of language and the spread of contagious ideas: By changing the way that we talk about things — as well as the things we talk about — global leaders can effectively steer society in any direction they desire. This herding of humanity has both positive and negative potential.

Using sophisticated techniques like Horizon Scanning, Capacity Building, and the Delphi Method, the global elite have been very successful at implementing their agenda, building the scaffolding of total control in an incremental and systematic way. It’s worth noting, these strategies were developed by military and intelligence agencies—who were developing weapons for psychological warfare.

Thus, using polling to create the illusion of consensus, the media can repetitively reprogram the herd to focus on and prioritize whatever issue suits their needs. Currently, the effort is being made to paint Republicans as extremists who are threats to democracy and the cabal is actively forming consensus on this issue.

Next, the average low-information voter begins to hear about how election deniers and other extremists are a threat to democracy on a more frequent basis. The very specific language being used, short enough for a sound byte, begins to rewire public perception. The words evoke emotion. Emotion affects the brain. Neurons adapt until the relentless propaganda has achieved the complete physical, mental, and emotional transformation of perspective.

That’s what we’re up against.

The useful idiots will continue to be preyed upon by the powerful elites until the “fundamental transformation” of society is complete. And, just to be clear, they—the useful idiots—will actually vote for, embrace, and even demand tyranny, precisely because they have been conditioned to believe that authoritarian control keeps them safe and secure. It’s a disturbing reality.

How do you catch a wild pig?

Feed it. Put up a single wall. Feed it again.

When the pig gets comfortable with the single wall, put up another wall.

Feed it again. It won’t like the two walls closing in at first, but it will get used to it.

Feed it again. Take your time. Put up another wall… you’ve almost got a pen.

Feed it again and again. Soon you will have a pig that’s comfortable eating in a pen, and eventually you’ll have the pig eating from your hand. You’ve build trust.

And the pig will never suspect that someday you might get hungry.

Keep that in mind.

The outlier today (the tidbit of truly telling information that points to underlying intent of the global cabal), comes from the World Economic Forum, who is now imploring parents to microchip their children. Says the WEF:

“Should you implant a tracking chip in your child? There are solid, rational reasons for it, like safety.” (emphasis added)

Keep in mind, if you are following the clues, this aligns perfectly with the plans established by the ID2020 Digital Identity Alliance (in conjunction with the UN), which outlines the “shared principles” that will guide the effort to microchip humanity under the auspice of doing good.

This augmentation will transform humanity into the ultimate hackable animals.

Compliance becomes compulsory when your every move and emotion can be monitored by the global surveillance state, when your access to goods and services can be restricted for unacceptable social behavior, and when your will to resist and your individual instinct has been conditioned to accept perpetual servitude.

Accepting this domestication marks the death of the American Spirit.

May the masses wake up before that day comes!