Aug 16, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 178 - A Peek Behind the Curtain

Pointing out what you probably missed in the news today... and why it matters.

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Who’s that?

Cruising the news this morning, their was a fresh new face plastered across the front page of multiple liberal outlets. Above is “Kenyan opposition leader” Raila Odinga, who has rejected the results of his losing the recent election as “null and void.” This is not the first time this has happened.

Apparently there are some issues with election integrity in Kenya.

But why is this front page news on the Seattle Times?

I’m glad you asked.

This is a complex and juicy situation—and it bares lessons for November.

First up, let me introduce you to Mr. Raila Odinga. Aside from arguably being the losing candidate in Kenya’s most recent election, he is a leader of the One Kenya Coalition Party that cobbles together the National Rainbow Coalition, Orange Democratic Movement, and the Building Bridges Initiative, among others.

Being heavily involved in these various groups, Mr. Odinga is progressive stalwart in Kenyan politics and is somewhat of a rock star amongst global socialists. He’s been fighting for the cause — fighting for communism — since his early days of commie indoctrination at university in East Germany during the late sixties.

He’s the perfect commie leader, the only problem is that he keeps losing elections. Including this recent news cycle, he has unsuccessfully ran and contested the outcome of elections on five different occasions. It’s almost as if the Kenyan’s don’t want a communist running their country—but I could just be reading into things.

Also notable is Mr. Odinga’s degree of ambition. Upon his return to the motherland in the early 70’s, he founded the only company in Kenya that manufactured “liquid petroleum gas cylinders” before being appointed to the Kenya Bureau of Standards, which regulated the certification of his company’s industrial products.

It was a brilliant business move.

Having successfully secured his corner on the petro market and weaseled his way into the Kenyan government (his dad was a former vice president), Mr. Odinga turned to national politics. After participating in a failed coup attempt to overthrow the elected president in 1982, he was accused of being the mastermind behind the plot and charged with treason.

He was held without trial for six years, but that did not extinguish his revolutionary flare. Fresh out of prison he again began to organize commie revolutionary groups, only to be arrested several more times for his “pro-democracy and human rights agitation.” In short, Mr. Raila Odinga is a very active communist.

Hence the world stage.

Raila Odinga Swearing In: Odinga marches on despite threats of treason

The World Economic Forum flaunts Mr. Odinga’s impressive resume. Among his many listed achievements and affiliations are time spent working with the University of Colorado and the National Bureau of Standards in Washington D.C. Skeptical minds might want to know why a communist revolutionary from Kenya has ties to U of C and Washington DC, but we won’t chase that rabbit right now.

In fact, searching for Mr. Odinga on the WEF’s website reveals three pages of results that indicated his deep involvement in the globalists’ agenda for decades. He is quoted in the WEF’s 2012 report “The Great Transformation” as saying:

“We have to deal with this planet Earth that we have. As members of the human race we have a responsibility to future generations. We cannot borrow space on planet Mars.”

How brilliant… and that is why we absolutely must install a global socialist surveillance state. It’s completely infallible logic. Here’s another quote from Mr. Odinga’s in the WEF’s 2008 report “Shaping the Global Agenda”:

“We must harness the resources and skilled manpower and involve our people more in development.”

More astounding insight. Harnessing resources and manpower conjures up the image of harnessing horses to plow a field—you know, like slaves. Involving people in development? That’s just lip service. In reality, what the globalists, socialists, and communists of all stripes and color actually mean when they say this, is that they want to convince the useful idiots to give them more power.

Let’s connect some dots.

The WEF has been shaping the global agenda and preparing the great transformation to a global socialist state for much longer than most people have been aware (myself included). The organization is rife with communist revolutionaries who have been elevated to prominence as a reward for their efforts.

Mr. Raila Odinga is just one such example. But why was he on the front page of the Seattle Times contesting an election in Kenya as “null and void” just months before our own midterm elections in November?

Here’s where you have to think like a globalist.

Everything has a hidden, higher meaning and socialistic interpretation. That’s straight out of the manifesto. Speaking in coded language gives them the ability to communicate in public and on the international stage without the peasants getting wise to their plans. Pushing sophisticated propaganda through mainstream media outlets allows them to simultaneously pre-condition the masses and signal their next steps in broad daylight. Do you follow me here?

  1. Communists use contested elections to instigate revolutions.

  2. Distrust in our own elections has reached historic proportions.

  3. Upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024 may very well be contested.

The wise might speculate that the sock-puppet sitting in the oval office is slated to fulfill Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform” America. Rampant voter fraud and electoral corruption may lead to contested elections. This friction, given the current emotional mood of the country, may lead to civil unrest and potentially to a civil war or a new revolution. The commies are already positioned either way.

The chaos and uncertainty are all part of the plan.

Destabilized and desperate for peace, security, and normalcy, the peasant’s will to resist globalist schemes will evaporate and be replaced by an eagerness to comply. Don’t forget that the contested elections are only one aspect of what’s about to unfold.

The Great Reset includes massive food shortages that Biden assures us are “gonna be real,” an ongoing self-inflicted energy crisis that will cripple the grid, new waves of mysterious diseases and engineer bio-weapons, wars and rumors of wars, and the utter destruction of life as we know it.

This is the path to the so-called sustainable development goals. The government will control production and consumption. You will own nothing and be happy—or more accurately, you will suffer immensely under an oppressive authoritarian regime.

Welcome to Communism, where the government gets to treat you like a hackable animal and eerie drones fly around to remind you:

“Control your soul’s desire for freedom.”

My advice?

Embrace your soul’s desire for freedom now… before it’s too late.