Aug 10, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 174 - Another Smack in the Face

**Trigger warning for victims of abuse.** When will Americans get tired of being abused by their government?

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Take that.

Smack, Smack, Smack!!

Take it some more.

Do you like being abused?

Says Uncle Sam: Why do you make me do mean things to you?

Be a good human. Shut up and pay your taxes.

Every instinct you have should resist this sort of treatment. If someone takes your money, forces you to do something against your will, and threatens to hurt you if you don’t do what they say — what do you call that? Bullying? How about abuse.

At first it’s just emotional abuse. They threaten you and make you feel scared. They make you feel small, incapable, timid and unsure. You must rely on them to make decisions for you and you must do what they think is best. You have no valid opinion.

And you must never question what they say. (Sound familiar?)

If and when you do, their aggression explodes into a fury of yelling and throwing things. They might even throw something at you. You’re scared of their wrath so you get quiet and small. You apologize for being disrespectful, hoping the rage will pass.

You haven’t been hit, yet. But you have had to learn to survive under this emotional oppression. Somewhere along the way, you lost your sense of self. You became a pale shadow of your former self. You don’t do the things you used to do, because now you’re not allowed. Talking about your former life is forbidden.

You’ve forgotten who you are.

Americans wake up!

This kind of abuse is all too common. Women and children (and even some men) are suffering silently in their own homes, trapped in a living hell that feels impossible to escape. Victims of abuse want to believe — they need to believe — that they are loved. The abuser may provide food and shelter, promise to protect victims from the outside world, or perhaps claim to be the only one capable of loving such a worthless person.

Friends, this is a very real, sad, and serious issue. If you or someone you know is suffering from abuse, please know there is a way out. Reach out. Find someone to talk to. Tell your story. You are not meant to live under such terror. There is always hope and someone who can help you.

Moving on and zooming out:

The psychological knots formed under the duress of abuse are well known. When victims develop feelings of trust and affection for their abusers, it’s called the Stockholm Syndrome. With this coping mechanism, victims begin to sympathize with their captors and gradually adopt the perspective of the abusers. This is very closely related to Learned Helplessness.


“Over the course of time, some victims do come to develop positive feelings toward their captors. They may even begin to feel as if they share common goals and causes. The victim may begin to develop negative feelings toward the police or authorities. They may resent anyone who may be trying to help them escape from the dangerous situation they’re in.”


Do you see where I’m going with this? The government has to, it’s for our own good.

The truth is this: Americans are collectively being abused by the government.

We are being forced into unnatural behavior (masking, vaxing, testing, social distancing, etc); forced into unwanted relationships (via election fraud, the pervasive LGBTQ+ agenda, illegal immigration, etc.); and forced to forfeit our freedoms and the fruits of our labor under the threat of punishment, imprisonment, and fines (via paying taxes, government largess, “illegal” items, forbidden speech, etc.).

The common thread in each impingement upon our individual liberties is the threat of force. This is psychological abuse and it serves the purpose of keeping people scared and complicit. This is sufficient to form a Stockholm like bond with the government, wherein a certain percentage of the population begins to sympathize with the government, believing that all the abuse is necessary because it keeps us safe.

If we just do what we’re told, we won’t have to suffer the wrath of Uncle Sam.

According to the psychology of it all, anyone who tries to point out that the government is being an abuser — that you don’t have to mask up, you don’t have to take an experimental genetic therapy, you don’t have to cancel Christmas, and you don’t even have to pay taxes (just ask Bezos) — anyone who points out this abuse is immediately perceived as a threat and treated with suspicion and hostility.

Surely you’ve experienced this for yourself. Anytime we challenge the need or legitimacy of the latest government program we're treated like cretins. Anytime we question ‘The Science’ we are accused of being ignorant conspiracy theorists. Anytime we point to discrepancies in local or national elections, we are dubbed “election deniers” and labeled a threat to democracy.

This is how the useful idiots (the victims) have learned to protect their abusers.

They call us names. They shut us out. They ridicule and ostracize. And it works.

How many Americans know that something is wrong, that our government has grown out of control, but these people just sit on the sidelines and let it happen because they are afraid of some social discomfort? I would say this accounts for the majority of people, and it likely always will.

Thus, the fate of our country rests in the hands of a few!

And they are mocking us.

Many patriots have the sense that the government has been trying to provoke a civil war in order to justify the use of force against anyone bold enough to challenge the state and slay the beast of bureaucracy.

The entrapment of the Wolverine Watchmen and FBI orchestrated plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is a prime example. From The Intercept:

“The arrests made national news, in part because a group of right-wing extremists plotting to kidnap a high-profile Democrat fit with the prevailing media narrative at the time … [but] questions of entrapment quickly emerged in the Wolverine Watchmen case. The FBI had used at least a dozen informants and several undercover agents to build the case. One of the group’s key members, known as “Big Dan,” was an FBI informant. Another, an apparent explosives expert whose role was critical to the alleged kidnapping plan, was in fact an FBI undercover agent. … That’s a huge red flag, making you wonder if this is one of those cases that are manufactured to increase stats.

Or, manufactured to justify putting “right-wing extremists” on the government watch list and increase funding for even greater surveillance — like the FBI’s new data center in Idaho that likely helped them track and arrest 31 members of Patriot Front for allegedly plotting to disrupt a gay pride event (after the FBI infiltrated the group and helped devise the plan). Do you see the pattern?

Just like calling concerned parents “domestic terrorists,” the 2020 elections, the J6 show trial, or the invasion of Mar-a-Lago, this is just another smack in the face.

It serves to stoke tension. It turns up the heat on the simmering threat of violence they so desperately want to boil over—precisely because it is the most direct way for an abusive government to deal with dissent.

Like abuse, these are heavy issues.

But, on a lighter note, when it comes to getting a smack in the face, this one takes the cake: Hillary Clinton is now fundraising off her own felonious crimes!

Rules for thee, but not for me!

Maybe this is meant to boost her 2024 presidential campaign?

Or maybe it’s just a sick joke?

Or maybe it’s just another smack in the face.

Regardless, patriots beware: Our government is just exactly what it seems!