Dec 15, 2021 • 16M

Ep. 17 - Compliance: Desired But Not Required!

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Sometimes the subtlest shift in language can lead to an illumination of thought.

We see signs everywhere that say "Masks Required" .... If our children want to participate in the traditional childhood experience, they are told that "Testing Is Required" ... Many employers are now telling their employees that "Vaccines Are Required" ... In every scenario we are told that we "have to" comply. But do we really?

The answer is no, we do NOT "have to" comply. We are born with free will, and that means that with every heartbeat we have an opportunity to exercise the power of choice. We can choose to comply, to go along to get along, or we can make a different choice -- we can choose to make a stand.

Masks restrict our breathing and obstruct our natural expression. Testing is an intrusive medical procedure that results in government surveillance. Vaccinations are inherently risky and can lead to death or lifelong disability. We do not "have to" comply.

Exercising free will requires us to take full responsibility for our actions. If we do not comply, there may be consequences. Some may be anticipated, others may be unintended. Regardless, being free means we must take all things into consideration before we can choose the best path forward.

There may be times when compliance is the best path for you. Other times, peaceful non-compliance may suit you better. Whichever path you choose, the choice is always yours. Never forget that you were born free, and you ALWAYS have a choice.

What's happening in society right now is a gradual assimilation into servitude. The public is being conditioned to be obedient. You are being forced to do what you're told, or else you no longer get to enjoy the life you desire.

Desire. It's a powerful force, and right now there is a global battle being fought between competing desires. The government desires complete obedience and control over your life. The people just want to be left alone to live their lives -- we desire freedom.

Tyrannical politicians tell you that masks, surveillance, and vaccinations are required. The truth is, this is only what they desire. Government control of our lives is desired, but it is certainly not required. Desired but not required. The distinction may seem subtle, but the implications are profound.

Those who have ears, let them hear!

In this episode I'll share the personal circumstances that led to this conversation, and explore the implications of standing on principle.

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