Jul 8, 2022 • 23M

Ep. 153 - Why There is STILL Hope for Humanity

Taking a positive approach to serious issues in our globally connected world.

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We are not alone.

As you know, that statement can be interpreted many different ways. As in, we are not alone in the universe, we are not alone in faith, we are not alone in how we feel, we are not alone in our political concerns, or we are not alone in the world. Obviously context matters, so today, when I say "we are not alone" what I'm referring to is our interconnected world.

I read a book recently titled Our Global Neighborhood, that pitches "a convincing path towards a better world." It has all the hallmarks of a classic intellectual read: It was published by Oxford University Press, endorsed by Nelson Mandela, and chock full of inspiring ideas that were destined to take root in the fertile soil of aspiring young minds.

The book was published in 1995. Do you remember the world in 1995? Imagine being in college, perhaps in a master's or doctoral program at an Ivy Institution. In your mid-twenties your felt on top of the world, like your altruistic intent could conquer anything, eradicate hunger and poverty, end violence and usher in an era of world peace. All you needed was a plan and a team to build the dream. Twenty-five ambitious years later, you've nearly pulled it off.

The first chapter of Our Global Neighborhood is titled "The Concept of Global Governance", which opens with globalization and the need for a vision, saunters through social and environmental changes, discusses agents of change in civil society, and concludes with Enlightened Leadership.

Here's the last paragraph of the first chapter:

"The challenges facing the world today are vastly more complicated than those that confronted the delegates in San Francisco. They demand co-operative efforts to put in place a system of global governance better suited to present circumstances--a system informed by an understanding of the important transformations of the past half-century and guided by enlightened leadership."

World leaders met in San Francisco in 1945 to sign the United Nations Charter, "a document expressing the universal hope that a new era in international behavior and governance was about to begin." Thus, just like that, a bunch of communists partnered with the Royal Crown and liberal democrats to create a new global order that came complete with an international court that enforce international law with international peace keeping troops.

That's a crude crash course in history, but it's true just the same.

Now fast-forward.

Today, July 8th, 2022, the world was shocked by the assassination of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who was shot and killed while campaigning for the ruling Liberal Democrat Party. He was the longest serving leader in the post-WWII era. According to reports, he was killed by a frustrated Navy veteran who was wielding a homemade gun. Why a homemade gun? Because Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the world, though that unfortunately did not save the late Prime Minister.

There are any number of angles we could riff on here, but I want to frame this in the context of global connections. Trump knew Abe. Biden know Abe. All the world leaders knew Abe, and they all had nice things to say. He was a preeminent statesman and truly an enlightened leader. He frequented the World Economic Forum and helped steer the world toward a "hope-driven economy."

Interestingly enough, in a 2019 speech to the WEF that cast his vision for the upcoming G20 summit in Osaka, Japan, Prime Minister Abe had this to say:

"First off, I would like Osaka G20 to be long remembered as the summit that started world-wide data governance. Let Osaka G20 set in train a new track for looking at data governance -- call it the Osaka Track -- under the roof of the WTO."

Just a quick side note: The Osaka Summit happened just a few months before Event 201, which happened just a few months before COVID-19. This was all in the second half of 2019. In the second segment on my Shifting Perspective presentation I make the assertion (and provide the evidence) that COVID-19 was nothing more than a label that was being used to institute global surveillance. It is simply a data point that can be used to justify everything from testing, tracking, and contact tracing, to forced vaccinations and quarantine camps.

But back to Abe.

As Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe voted for bold reform, including zero-waste shopping and pushing hard for "womenomics" to get more and more women into the work force, and leading the world into a new era of stakeholder capitalism during the dawning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution—and that's where we are at today.

One might speculate what aspect of the this woke agenda had irked the inventive veteran gunman, but that would be overlooking the more poignant takeaway. Any "hope-driven economy" that clamors to conform with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the radical progressive's Agenda 2030 is destined to be dashed against the rock of reality. Hope and change is a great campaign slogan (thanks to the useful idiots), but when the pain and impingement on personal freedom become unbearable, desperate people will do desperate things.

Socialism is a soul-less life. American's should take note.

Have you noticed how the majority of mass shooters in the U.S. are young Leftists? They have been demoralized to point of desperation and insanity. While conservatives have the bulk of the guns, we use them to hunt and defend ourselves and our communities, rather than violently lash out at society for the sake of some perceived injustice. The contrast is readily apparent, unless the mind has been conditioned to be blind to the obvious by socialist indoctrination.

Which brings me back to the fact that we are not alone. The socialist disease has been spreading throughout humanity since its first evolution. It has mutated and changed and received new labels, but the disease is still the same. One's individual identity dissolves into the collective identity. The collective identity then denies the individual identity. We are told we are all the same, but we are not. This is the myth of equality and it's the root of socialist insanity.

Here's where it gets real.

Top-down central control aims to impose the will of enlightened leaders upon the ignorant peasants, because "they" (the Marxist, Communist, Socialist, Liberals, Progressives, Democrats, etc) know what's best for you. They believe they know what's best for the Collective—and because you are not an enlightened socialist, you are an ignorant, selfish, rudimentary human who deserves to be used and abused for the sake of the Collective and the betterment of humanity.

This ideology is the driving force behind the Great Reset. Ironically, it is also the driving force behind the inherent resistance to such insanity—because there is an instinctual urge to be wary of unnatural behavior. Rural citizens, being closer and more connected with nature, are aware of the unnatural tendencies of their domesticated urban counterparts. When the urban overlords seek to impose their unnatural perspectives and behaviors on the peasants, we resist.

That's a bit of a simplification, and I would love to take to the time to explore this dynamic in more detail, but suffice it to say that Collectivists have been infected with a hive-mind disease that distorts reality and drives delusional self-destructive behavior. Unfortunately, these people are running the country and that is causing HUGE problems for the rest of us.

Bare shelves, outrageous inflation, the pain at the pump, being forced to mask up, and vaccine passports are just a few of the readily available examples of what I mean.

It is difficult to grasp how disconnected from reality the progressives actually are. Recent polls say that 88 percent of Americans believe our country is on the wrong track, though it's doubtful that many of them know why. Still, when moms can't find formula to feed their hungry babies and it costs over a $100 to feel up the tank, even the useful idiots start to realize something is wrong.

NEVERTHELESS, despite reality crashing down all around them, the shameless liars in the Biden Administration still have the audacity to parade out their latest diversity hire, Karine Jean-Pierre, to make the absolutely ludicrous and outlandish claim that "we are stronger economically that we have been in history."

Listening to the lady, I don't think she's smart enough to realize she's lying. She's just another useful idiot who's bought into the "hope-driven" economy. She completely denies reality by stating the exact opposite of what is true. This is a sign and symptom of the socialist disease.

It's delusional. Kind of like Biden selling one million barrels of oil from our strategic reserves to the communist controlled Chinese firm his crackhead son invested in, and telling people it will drive down prices at the pump. Again, it is absolute insanity.

They deny reality and demand you do the same. They deny your rights as an individual and claim they have the right to control your life. The globalists are assaulting your values and insulting your intelligence at every turn, intentionally destroying your country, and trying to convince you that it's for your own good. But is that reality?

You know that's a rhetorical question. The good news is, we're not alone is asking it, and we are not alone in resisting this collective insanity.