Jun 29, 2022 • 20M

Ep. 147 - Bombshell Exposed as an Outright Lie!

The media is misleading the American people while the J6 committee is caught in yet another lie.

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Let's compare and contrast.

Whenever we're faced with a decision that offers multiple options and various ways to move forward, it's always wise to take the time to weigh out the pros and cons of different potentialities. (I just like that word, BTW)

Other times we need to just flip a coin and take action.

But, when it comes to evaluating different perspectives and news sources, the preferred approach is to compare and contrast the different stories, seeking out discrepancies and diametrically opposed opinions that might offer some insight into the truth that's lurking somewhere in between the extremes.

On that note, let's take a look at the cover stories of today, moving from Left to Right:

Via the front page of CNN.com:


  • That lady is trying to conceal her amusement while pretending this is a serious testimony. In other words, she's lying and she knows it, and she realizes it's all part of the show. It's just like acting.

  • The words "blockbuster" and "bombshell" are rehashed trigger words, and although they've lost some potency in the age of daily "unprecedented" events, they are still effective psychological hooks that say "pay attention".

  • The bold word "Analysis" implies that logic is being applied, but the warning about the “rage and tyranny that may await if Trump gets back into the White House" is directed squarely at the primitive emotional mind.

  • Also, note the upward stares toward a larger than life screen; doesn't the lady on the right look like she's being brainwashed? Think about the trauma this testimony must create for those who have to endure the trial!


Next up, via the front page of TheHill.com:


  • Three different pictures of an attractive woman on the front page screams "look here" and keep your eyes fixed on the subject at hand. Again, her expression belies her ostensible intention.

  • The black and white professional garb portrays her as a no-nonsense business woman who should be taken seriously and at her word. The hand raised in oath wants to imply honest and conviction. The third picture says "let's get this done" -- taken together, this screenshot is truly a picture of history in the making (or re-making, as the case may be).

  • The use of words like "drops the hammer" and "explosive" are violent cues that quench the primitive thirst to bloody the Orange Man Bad arch-villain of their story, thus the "devastating day for Trump" and the emotional thrill of the Left.

  • Clicking through those stories, we are told that this sixth J6 hearing "finally fulfilled the media's billing as 'must see TV'" that sounded like a cable-series episode of "When Presidents Attack." As we know, it’s all for show.


Well that was fun!

It's always entertaining to take a look at what passes for news these days, especially on the Left. Keep in mind, there are millions of Americans who don't see anything other than what we just looked at. These are the low information voters and the unintelligent intellectuals who are stuck in the liberal echo chamber. If they encounter any contrasting perspective, they are immediately suspicious and fact-check it into irrelevance in order to maintain their fragile illusions.

But, to honor your intelligence, and to form a more balanced perspective, wisdom says we should look and listen to what the other side has to say:

Via Summit.News:


  • First, the image and the expressions: She is clearly feigning sincerity, the guy to her left is thinking "you've gotta be kidding me" and the lady to the right is silently scoffing with just a hint of jealousy and envy. That's my take.

  • Notice how the author emphasizes the words "Bullsh*t" and "lunged" -- not just to indicate quotes, but also to highlight how ridiculous the story is. Even the lead Secret Service agent is calling BS on Hutchinson's unbelievable testimony.

  • Also note the subtitle that reminds the audience this is not the first time the J6 committee has been caught lying and altering evidence--though they admittedly "regret the error."


Next, via RealClearPolitics.com:


  • Lying Liz Cheney's expression is, "Oh sh*t, this might not fly." The guy to her right is thinking, "We might get in trouble for this." Looking closely at the guy to her left, and it appears he is attempting to conceal a perplexed amusement, as in, "Wow, I can't believe she actually thinks anybody is going to believe that!"

  • By not showing a picture of Hutchinson, or even using her name, this article diffuses the impact of visual appeal and reduces the attention given to this attention-seeking circus.

  • Mocking the so-called "bombshell" by pointing out the sensationalized and irrational response of the liberal media who "soiled themselves" is good old fashioned wit. They also acknowledge that this is yet another hoax that's quickly been debunked.


Back to reality!

I could spend all day comparing and contrasting. It's an entertaining mental exercise. While my observations may have been obvious--or maybe not--this is a demonstration of the critical thinking that is utterly lacking on in modern politics. The useful idiots being prodded by the progressive agenda do not realize they are being deceived. But this unfortunate fact matters, because they still get to vote.

Remember, we are rushing headlong toward mob rule. And, even though the Disinformation Governance Board has been temporarily suspended, the government is still using Artificial Intelligence to control the narrative with algorithms. Don't forget that we are in the midst of the Great Reset, and all of this is just American political theater.

There are more important things happening in the world, and this is just a distraction.

Zooming out to the big picture, we still must compare and contrast to form a balanced perspective. Articles that indicate is it probable "The World System Will Shatter" must be balanced with more pragmatic perspectives like "It's Not the End of the World". At the end of the day, the sun will set, and tomorrow is rise once more. Seasons will come and go, and world will keep on spinning in the same old direction, even if it feels like it's spinning out of control.

I find that's a refreshing perspective, even when the commies are taking over the world.

What's not being talked about in the news today? How about the UN holding a summit that aims to transform education globally, the WHO holding high-level meetings on Global Road Safety, and the G7 pondering how it can maintain power with less than 10% of global population. It is events like these that are steering our government and actively shaping our future.

When we compare local politics with the globalist agenda and find that they align, we can know for certain it's not by accident. It reminds us there is a bigger plan in play, and everything else is just smoke and mirrors. Keep your eye on the ball.