Jun 28, 2022 • 19M

Ep. 146 - Why is Howard Stern Running for President?

Discussing mysterious deaths and the impact of a Hillary-Howard presidential ticket.

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You probably thought I was joking.

In yesterday's podcast Foxes in the Hen House, I mocked the Left for trotting out Hillary Clinton as if she was the only one who could save the Democrats from getting annihilated in the midterm elections. The article I referenced made no indication of her actually running, but my opening line was "Vote for Hillary!" -- and even though I was being sarcastic, one day later we find this:

CNN ANALYSIS: The whispers of Hillary Clinton 2024 have started

Now, I'm not inclined to brag, or even to give it a second thought, but for those who didn't catch that episode, I offer this summary:

“Friends, we are not up against Hillary Clinton. We're not up against the global cabal, the progressive agenda, the deep state or the democrat party. What we are up against, is the insanity of it all. We are up against the useful idiots who buy the lies. We are up against those who still trust the media, who believe the government wants to protect them, who think that this "incredible transition" is good for the economy and Joe Biden was the most popular president ever elected. These are the people who are still listening to Hillary Clinton." (emphasis added)

And make no mistake, there are millions of them out there. While the Right gloats over their perceived moral victories, the Left continues to out maneuver them in the long game. Contrary to popular belief, Supreme Court decisions in favor of conservative ideals, just before midterm elections, will benefit Democrats far more than it will benefit Republicans. There is every reason to believe that this is little more than political theater, a ploy to provoke the Leftist base, pump up support, and prompt significant policy changes, made in haste, before the Right can regain control.

But let’s take a step back and think about the other trajectories that have come to bare in this moment. Whatever happened to COVID-19? Whatever happened to Monkeypox? Whatever happened to food shortages, inflation, and pain at the pump? Whatever happened to Putin's price hike and the heroic Ukrainians defeating the Russian tyrants? Whatever happened to the Uvalde police obstructing the investigation into their peculiar and abject failure to protect innocent lives?

Do you see how these issues have so easily been swept from the short-term memory banks of the masses? Today’s outrage is all about the moral battle over abortion. It's all about the separation of church and state. It's about all of these veritable threats to democracy, about standing up to the racists, the white supremacists, and the Christian insurrectionists who are running rampant throughout the country, attacking Pride Parades and hunting down black people. 

You may laugh, but Google any of those issues and you will quickly see this is exactly what the Left is spoon feeding their base. They are very intentionally stirring up moral outrage, and training this rage to fixate on their political opponents. This will lead to more violence, which then will justify greater government intervention and political solutions to restore the peace. That's why top Republicans are "moving to the center" and working with Biden on more gun control as we speak—because they too fear the peasants may soon become unruly and attempt to rout the political class.

The truth is, our entire country is in a high-speed wobble, set for economic collapse, primed for riots and civil unrest, and staged for a real life sort of Hunger Games as we continue our collective journey through this incredible transition toward Future Earth, and suffer through each successive stage of the Great Reset. Do not forget that pain is part of the plan… before they enslave humanity, they must break the will to resist.

But back to the midterms:

All of those trajectories and themes that have disappeared will reappear at the opportune moment. Remember last summer? We were seeing headlines like this:

That was then and this is now, but do you realize that COVID cases and deaths are substantially higher today than they were last year? Via DrudgeReport.com:

That's over ten times the number of infections and nearly a hundred more people dying on the daily average, and yet the politicians are mum. In fact, their actions suggest they are almost trying to make things worse. Just this month, despite the massive spike in COVID cases and the climbing death rate, the Biden administration dropped testing requirements for international travelers—all while Monkeypox continues to explode and cases surge 52% in one week. The time is insane.

When all of this information is once again being blared across the headlines, what do you think will happen? More predictable panic. More preemptive measures. We know they can't keep a lid on it for long (and they have no intentions of doing so). When do you think all of this might hit the headlines? Ah yes, the midterms are coming. More mail in ballots. More election chaos. More uncertainty.

I'm sure you see the pattern, after all, these are all Predictable Patterns of Disaster.

Beyond once again being scared witless, the public will likely jump at the opportunity to vote from home, given gas may be as high as $10 per gallon come election time. How will that impact the cost of goods and groceries? How about the continuing string of fires at food processing facilities (now at 97), the fertilizer shortages, or the millions of birds that have been preemptively murdered because a few "tested positive" for bird flu—how do you think all of that might affect the cost of feeding your family? How might all this affect the elections?

Let me just cut to the chase:

People who are hungry and scared are desperate, and desperate people are easy to control. Politicians want to control people, especially ahead of elections.

Thus, we can see, or at least speculate, how this will all play out in the coming months.

But here's the outlier:

Howard Stern may run for president!

Can you imagine that! How exciting!! How thrilling!!! Having Howard Stern and Hillary Clinton on the same ticket must be a surefire way to defeat Donald Trump. I'm sure the liberals are just giddy at the idea of it. Oh the marvel of such a magnificent dynamic duo, and the wonder of what they might do... think about the HOPE, think about the CHANGE, think about the PROGRESS!!!

Personally, I think on the surface this is just a publicity stunt. Beyond that, I believe Howard Stern is being used as a tool in a psyop designed to inject celebrity endorsement into the effort to destroy the electoral college. We know this effort has been under way for years, as I outlined at length in When the Mob Rules the World and What They Are NOT Telling You — and let's not forget abolishing the electoral college is also staged to be a central proposal stemming from the J6 show trial.

***Oh, by the way, did you know the Senate Sergeant-at-Arms was just found dead? Apparently he died quite suddenly on Monday morning, after previously suggesting that "professional agitators" were to blame for the insurrection, not white supremacists. His unfortunate death happened to occur right before the J6 committee called a last-minute meeting to introduce new evidence from a "mysterious guest" —which as any sane person can surmise, is clearly just coincidence.

Like all those police officers who committed suicide, yet another soul who was actually there has been tragically claimed by the march of time, taking history to the grave, even as history itself is being written. It's a heavy and solemn moment, as our country mourns the loss of truth. At least it should be. At the very least, this news should be about as sobering as Jeffery Epstein hanging himself in solitary confinement, since these timely tragedies seem to be becoming more common place. 

The good news is, I'm sure Hillary Clinton has a plan to fix the problem.

And I assure you, that is not a joke.