Jun 23, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 143 - Preparing for More Crimes Against Humanity

The REAL reason President Biden's needs more money for the next pandemic.

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Do not be alarmed.

President Biden stood in front of news cameras yesterday and said this:

"We need more money to plan for the second pandemic."

Intelligent minds immediately began to insinuate this next pandemic may interfere with the upcoming election--both the midterms and 2024. Those in the know point to the fact that Dr. Fauci, just weeks ago, predicted the next pandemic would hit in the fall, just in time to prompt another wave of mail-in voting and ballot harvesting that might serve as a liberal lifeboat in the coming red wave.

As the shell-shocked woke mob tries to reconcile this impending threat with the imploding theory that their masks and experimental vaxx will keep them safe, all The Science now says that their third and fourth boosters won't do a damn thing to protect them from the latest most heavily mutated Variant Of Concern. That's of course why the government needs more money.

It's to produce new vaccines, newer than the current new vaccines that still have no long term studies, even as the record of adverse reactions, hospitalizations, and deaths for the jab continue to exponentially explode. Here are the latest numbers from the government's own database (which are known to be heavily under reported):

If you are keen to connect the dots, there are a lot of disturbing facts in those figures:

  • Over 75% of all vaccine related deaths are from the COVID-19 vaccines, which have only been on the market for less than two years. That is precisely why several countries had suspended the forced vaccination campaigns as early as March 2021.

  • There have been 1,603 deaths and 9,062 hospitalizations PER MONTH, since the first COVID vaccines started being administered. Any other experimental vaccine would have immediately been recalled, yet despite this overwhelming evidence of significant risk, the CDC just approved these death jabs for small children, who are not at risk from CV-19.

  • There are more adverse reactions from the vaccines than there are deaths from the disease, even though the disease has been supposedly ravaging the nation much longer than the vaccines have been available. This is a classic case of the cure is worse than the disease, especially given the vaccines do not prevent disease, hospitalization, or death.

This is obvious to anyone who's been paying attention.

In reality, these leaky vaccines are forcing the virus to mutate at an accelerated rate to survive. Worse yet, while these unsafe and ineffective vaccines may help the immune system kill off the weakest viruses in the body, they then allow the strongest viruses to survive and infect another host, accelerating community spread.

Keep in mind, the CDC knew as early as July 2021 that vaccinated individuals were spreading highly contagious variants. While the mainstream media continued to parrot the propaganda that this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated, a panel of top medical experts gathered on Capitol Hill to offer a medical second opinion and set the record straight. Shortly thereafter I created this ten minute video that provides a bombshell synopsis:

WATCH: Doctors DESTROY the COVID Narrative!

But let's get back to stumbling, bumbling Biden and the plan for the second pandemic...

It's not that we didn't see this coming, right?

Here’s a screenshot from DrudgeReport.com:

Take a look at those numbers! Covid cases this summer are almost 9X higher than they were last summer, the number of deaths are nearly equivalent, and yet people are pretending like covid is a thing of the past--especially the politicians who don't want to push the edgy peasants with more lockdowns during the campaign season. They'll save that for the actual elections.

With that in mind, here are a couple other things I find interesting:

  • Young healthy athletes continue to fall over dead after getting the clot shot.

  • Surgeon says pilots at risk of 'sudden cardiac death' as more pilots come forward.

  • News is getting out that hospitals have been raking in obscene profits from covid relief.

  • Testing requirements and vaxx restrictions were recently lifted for international travelers.

  • The WHO is on the verge of declaring monkeypox a global pandemic.

  • An outbreak of highly infectious polio has been detected in the UK.

  • Children are now being infected with multiple viruses at the same time.

And on, and on, and on...

If you've been with me for awhile, you've heard me talk at length about the predictable patterns of disaster, how the WHO takes over the world, and the impact of COVID on upcoming elections. By couching current events in the broader context of the Great Reset and evaluating the situation through the lens of psyops, we've been able to trace the themes leading to the convergence and coming collapse.

Maybe the reason President Biden needs more money for the next pandemic is because the cost of concealing these crimes against humanity has been higher than expected.