Jun 21, 2022 • 18M

Ep. 141 - The Banana Republic of America

How our once great republic is quickly being reduced to "democracy at its best."

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Welcome to America!

The most advanced Banana Republic on the planet.

After spending a couple days up in the fluff of philosophical clouds, today's podcast is bringing the conversation back down to the ground. There are certainly practical implications at the intersection of politics and philosophy, and pointing out how each side believes they hold the moral high ground is pertinent to properly understanding the complexity of our situation, but all that can be set aside as we try to wrap our minds around the utter absurdity that continues to assault all commonsense.

On tap today we find captured Americans may be facing the death penalty in a Ukrainian kangaroo court, while the country's Ministry of Justice announced on Facebook they would be seizing the money and property of their political opposition and transferring these assets to the state, and the Zelensky administration passes new laws to purge the country of its cultural heritage and historical Russian roots.

This U.S. backed pillar of democracy, in their brutal and righteous fight against the great Russian Tyrant, is accelerating progress and advancing the culture war by nationalizing the media into a singular information platform of "strategic communication" (i.e. propaganda), invoking martial law to ban "any activity" of political opposition, outlawing all Russian books, movies, and music, as well as deeming it illegal to promote any sort of pro-Russian perspective.

This is democracy at it's finest.

THINK ABOUT IT: A comedian TV star, who played the role of a comedian turned prime minister, was literally elected as prime minister shortly after the season ended. This handsome, charismatic national heartthrob easily won the hearts and minds of the Ukrainian people, sweeping them off their feet by promising the modernization of Ukraine, and laying out plans to restore and rebuild Ukraine with the help of “Western partners" after they defeat the Russian evildoers.

“The main objective of the Recovery Plan goes beyond plain restoration of destroyed infrastructure and focuses on the profound transformation of the country into a new European member based on the principles of the green economy.” (emphasis added)

It was a unifying vision that the majority of Ukrainians bought into. As democracy would have it, the majority who planned to modernize Ukraine met stiff opposition from the millions of people in the minority, who valued their cultural heritage and loved their country just as it was. Thus, to impose the will of the majority on the stubborn minority required re-educating the ignorant peasants by purging their communities of cultural heritage and removing any access to dissenting perspectives. Americans would be wise to take note.

This necessary part of the plan has been underway for years.

Do you remember the Biden Administration's new Disinformation Governance Board? The board was to be directed by Nina Jankowicz, who is the very same lady who helped lay the groundwork for what Zelensky is pulling off right now. Working with the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, she advised the Ukrainian government on "strategic communication" during the political upheaval following the Western backed coup of their pro-Russian government.

That strategic communication involved banning search engines, censoring social media, and taking down any website that strayed from the state sanctioned narrative. For what it's worth, Jankowicz was staying true to her roots, having been heavily steeped in progressive socialism and radical communist ideals. As previously discussed, progressive policies are inherently regressive, and in order to implement their illogical socialist agenda, they must eradicate any dissent.

Why is that? Because their ideas are incongruent with human nature and natural order, and if people were allowed to think differently, or were exposed to opposing perspectives, the masses would awaken at once to the fallacy of their collective fantasies.

The plebes, the proletariat, the peasants, and the public majority are simply being used to facilitate political revolution that will consolidate power in the hands of the evil elite. Once the "people's liberation" is complete, these useful idiots will be conscripted into indentured servitude, only fed when they fall in line, and heavily punished if they ever complain or speak out against their enlightened leaders. Thus, the State reigns supreme with unchecked and unbridled power.

That is why they so vehemently attack people who think differently. They fly the flag of diversity, equity, and inclusion, but in reality they want nothing of the sort. Diversity is just a devilish ploy to sow division amongst different ethnic groups. Equity is just a strategy to instigate class warfare. Inclusion is a scarcely concealed effort to control the human population--the only people who are included are those who think, act, and vote in alignment with the proscribed political agenda.

Make no mistake, these enlightened leaders, like those at the WEF, the WHO, the UN, the EU, and the good old U.S. of A.,  are very close to achieving the 21st century edition of this fantasy. By using "strategic communication" (i.e. sophisticated propaganda and psychological warfare), they have convinced the masses that democracy means that majority rules, and that this sacred principle is under attack from violent extremists who are driven by racism and hate.

Of course, just the opposite it true.

Democracy is not sacred. It's a failed political philosophy that is used as a stepping stone to facilitate communist revolution, and it's exactly what our Constitutional Republic was designed to protect us from. This is not speculation. It's historical fact.

As far as violent extremists being driven by racism and hate, consider the angry mobs of black-clad antifa punks who have been attacking innocent bystanders, assaulting police, rioting, looting, and burning down private businesses with impunity. Is this not violent and extreme behavior? What could drive such insanity, except hate? These Leftist thugs have been conditioned to hate existing society. They hate their political opponents. They hate people who disagree. They hate people who are different than they are, which is the very epitome of racism.

But most of all, they hate freedom. They hate that they cannot control how you think, how you feel, or how you live your life. That is why they demand the state do their bidding, because the state alone has the power to oppress you and force you to comply with the the majority rule. The state can extinguish your freedoms, even your life, with little more than the mob's consent--and that is precisely where we're headed. 

In fact, in many ways, we're already there.

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