Dec 10, 2021 • 15M

Ep. 14 - How To Find The Facts

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Let's face it, finding "facts" is easy -- but figuring out which "facts" are actually fact, now that's a different story.

The seemingly infinite stream of headline news present a sea of seductive semantics, eye candy, and click-bait. The icing on the cake is that your entire experience is tailored just for you. In this environment, finding objective truth is a questionable and daunting task!

In today's episode, I'll share my personal news-sifting strategies and expose the fact-checking fallacy, then take a fun Friday romp through a few of the most compelling current events. Here's are a few interesting thoughts:

  • Hollywood is obsessed with leftist ideas -- a true bastion of B.S. -- which makes the great Race Crime Hoax headline national news. After making up a story about a racist, homophobic attack, which was like catnip to liberal media, Jessie Smollet lied to police, launched a city-wide manhunt, and paid a couple of brothers  to cop to the story.

  • Meanwhile, inflation is pushing a 50 YR HIGH, which is putting a damper on holiday shopping as the almighty dollar gets stretched thinner and thinner. Bare shelves and high prices are now a staple feature of the Biden economy, Build Back Better, and our brave new normal. Of course that's not as important as angry women protesting with signs that read: Keep Your Law Off My Body!

  • I'm nearly certain CNN does grasp the irony that forcing needles into people's, forcing non-consenting humans to risk of death and disease. Thousands of people have been killed by the jab, many of them who were young and healthy. All of this because they were coerced into injecting an experimental vaccine. How sick.

The fact is: People are dying from the vaccines. This is undeniable. Vaccine fanatics push the point that the risk of death is relatively low, while in fact the risk of death from COVID-19 is comparable, maybe even lower for many age groups.

We'll do a deep dive into the vaccines in an upcoming special report. Stay tuned.

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