Jun 17, 2022 • 26M

Ep. 139 - On God & The Global Cabal

Is it possible that religion is being used to pacify the peasants?

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How does God impact our views?

That is a complex question, and the honest answer is that it depends. First, it depends on whether or not one believes in God. Second, it depends on what God one believes in. Then it depends on what one believes about God, such as God's plans, God's degree of intervention, or whether or not God answers prayers, for example—and you might be shocked at the disparities.

Consider these three different screenshots when searching for God:

Via Duck Duck Go-

Via Brave-

Via Google-

*** I have to give Google some credit, I wasn’t expecting that result—though I think it’s hilarious that Trump showed up in the search for God. The point is this: Clearly humanity has wildly different interpretations of God.

What do you feel when you see these images? How do you imagine other people feel? What do you think about how other people feel about God?

Take a deep breath and pause to appreciate being alive. Relax as you exhale and allow any emotions to pass. Emotions short circuit critical thinking and we want to move forward with the logical mind. Our country's future depends on it. Nobody wins in perpetual conflict.

Now let's turn to politics. This contemplation was stirred up by a recent Gallup poll that claims belief in God has dipped to a new low---though the vast majority of people (81%) still believe in God. Not surprisingly, young liberals are least likely to believe in God, even though according to the poll 72% of Democrats still believe in God.

That means that even though our country is bitterly divided on issues like the LGBTQ+ agenda, abortion, gun rights, and the Juneteenth holiday (just to name a few), in theory, nearly three-quarters of the country should be able to find common ground in God. But let's set that aside.

To be honest, it feels like wishful thinking.

This week we've talked a lot about psychological warfare, looking at how the global cabal is using artificial intelligence to control the narrative, why rewriting history is no laughing matter, and why, in the midst of all the insanity, it is important to believe in impossible things. We also explored the provocative question: Are we at war? Are we in the midst of a civil war?

My answer to that question is yes, we are at war. We are under attack, and it would be prudent to adjust one's perspective and prepare accordingly. We are in the midst of the Great Reset, experiencing an "incredible transition" and rushing headlong toward Future Earth. The global surveillance state is nearly complete, and the majority will comply with what’s coming out of fear, or for the sake of being a "good human.” 

The outliers will cling to their guns and Bibles, desperately praying for God to intervene and smite the enemies of justice--and the cabal is counting on precisely that. These "bitter clingers" are the bane of progressive politicians, because they appear unpersuadable and unaffected by the socialist conditioning of "civil society." But the global elites know better. Progressives are just useful idiots, and the cabal has a bigger plan.

They have long infiltrated the churches and religious institutions. Belief in God is no longer a barrier to progressive ideas. Many churches no longer challenge socialist ideals. Instead they've internalized the poison, wrapping collectivist concepts in fuzzy language like being "inclusive" because God loves everyone the same. The sheep in these flocks are hopelessly lost, and their shepherds are sorely deceived.

Other churches preach nonviolence, pointing to justice being meted out by the Lord at the Second Coming. The cabal approves. These sheep will not rise up. They will mask up. They will vaxx up. They will obey as good sheep do. They will listen to their new masters just the same as they listened to their old masters, and most will fail to realize that all their masters are human.

But then there are the radicals, the rebellious few who refuse to accept the tyranny. They do not fear death, nor do they shy away from hardship or danger. These are the revolutionaries in every generation who must battle against all possible odds to restore the balance of power. They must uproot the tyrants and entrenched regimes to protect the dignity of humanity and secure the blessings of liberty and justice for future generations.

It is this rare breed that presents the only obstacle to the global cabal. That is why they are called terrorists and extremists. That is why they are disparaged and shamed. The masses are being conditioned to hate them, because they threaten progress, they threaten democracy, they threaten peace and stability, they threaten the planet, they threaten public health and safety, but most importantly, because they threaten the men who seek to control.

And that is why they are being provoked.

Both sides know that conflict is inevitable. At some point instinct will lead to an uprising. Right now it's a game of chess and strategy, and the longer the game goes on, the better positioned the cabal will be. They will have stole more hearts, deceived more people, built more weapons, conditioned more troops, and prepared the world for the eradication of such threats.

At the same time, the longer this plays out, the more people will wake up, the more people will start to resist, the more people will be inspired toward courageous behavior, like peaceful noncompliance, as the "fundamental transformation" inflicts increasing degrees of pain. Desperate and hungry, many deplorables will cave to the state, seeking protection and reprieve, but the few will harden, get stronger, grow wise, and gather support from those who suffer.

Thus, the rebels will be emboldened and strengthened by the hardships ahead. This is the proverbial separating of wheat from the chaff, which is why it behooves the cabal to instigate some form of minor insurrection before their opposition gains momentum. When provocation leads to revolt, they have justified a violent response. Responding with superior force, they can crush the opposition, disarm their opponents, and curry public favor with sophisticated psyops.

Blatant corruption. The murder of innocent people. The utter lawlessness unleashed on our communities. The injustice of it all. With each smack in the face, the enemy becomes emboldened. Maybe they won't have to fight. Maybe they'll just get away with it.

Maybe the abusers can pillage the village while the men just standby watching.

Or maybe not. Regardless, how does God play into all this? We know the battle is coming. Both sides will believe they have a righteous cause. Both will believe that God has their back. Both will call for God's favor and grace. Both will think: "If God is for us, who can stand against us?" Both sides will battle believing they are right.

But at the end of the day, there is only one way to find out.