Jun 16, 2022 • 17M

Ep. 138 - This is Not a Joke. Prepare Yourself.

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Are they joking?

Democrat senators say they will "strongly support" President Biden in the 2024 election, with Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) arguing that the President is "doing well, given the enormous challenges he faces on high inflation and the war in Ukraine."

According to Durbin, Biden is performing "at the highest levels," which aligns with White House press secretary Jean-Peirre's recent statement that she "can't even keep up with him" -- and more importantly, that nobody should even be asking about stumbling bumbling Biden's age or stamina.

Think about that. Nobody should be questioning the vitality of a senile old sock-puppet, who's cognitive decline is obvious to everyone except his liberal media lapdogs. This absurd admonition comes even as former White House stenographer Mike McCormick, who spent six years at Biden's side, openly speculates that Biden has suffered a 50% decline in his cognitive abilities.

It is impossible to think that senior democrats actually believe that Biden is fit for duty, or that he somehow represents the best that the Left has to offer when it comes to leading our country through tumultuous times. Not only is Biden the epitome of a rich, old, white guy, and a career politician with a documented history of corruption, he is a gaffe laden senior citizen who will turn 82 years old prior to the start of his second term -- and 86 years old at the end of it!

The sad truth is, the leader of the free world is being mocked around the globe.

Again, let that sink in, because this is not a joke. As of today, Democrat leadership continues to float the notion that Biden alone can beat Donald Trump in the 2024 election, in what some in the media are hyping up as a "death match:”

This is absolute insanity.

Now let's zoom out, in search of context that might help make sense of all this. Remember that in 2008, Obama declared his intent to fundamentally transform America. Nearly 15 years later, Biden continues to praise the "incredible transition" that's taking place--regardless of the pain involved. It is no secret that most of Biden's staff worked for Obama, and leading many people to believe the Biden administration is merely a third-term extension of Barack Hussein Obama.

Given the controversy and corruption swirling around both of these presidencies, isn't it fair to ask if the US government has been infiltrated and captured by the global cabal? Wouldn't this account for the lack of accountability for all the felonies and fraud? For the corruption of the 2020 election? For the labeling of Trump supporters as domestic terrorists? For all the talk about disarming Americans and doing away with the electoral college?

These are legitimate questions. But no, no, we are not even allowed to ask about the health of our president. We are not allowed to question the leadership or their plan to usher us into Future Earth. That is why they are so fervently trying to silence dissent using artificial intelligence that can deploy "algorithmic solutions" to make sure the peasants are immunized against misinformation--or did you forget that we were facing an Infodemic of epic proportion?

Here's the deal:

Joe Biden is an incompetent, potentially illegitimate president, that is being used like a tool to enact the globalist agenda currently being implemented under COVID-19: The Great Reset.

The UN Sustainable Development goals are a ruse for depopulation and total global control. Total control requires total surveillance, which is rapidly being implemented under the auspice of public health and safety. These are the precursors to the global socialist state.

That is Future Earth. You will eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy -- and as a leader in this incredible transition, Joe Biden will continue to be puppeteered to facilitate the process.

That is why they want to keep him in office. He is their key to controlling the most powerful nation on earth -- or more accurately, he is their secret weapon for systematically dismantling our once great nation and achieving their vision for Global Governance 2025.

It should be obvious, but none of this is in the interest of the American people. The pain we are seeing now will likely pale in comparison of what's to come--and that's coming from an optimist.

This is not a joke. Prepare yourself accordingly.