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TR 136 - Is This The Start of Civil War?

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TR 136 - Is This The Start of Civil War?

Considering the different definitions of war and what might spark an actual conflict.

What starts a war?

I suppose it could be anything really. It could be something as silly as an insult that triggers a violent emotional reaction among military leaders. It could be something as innocuous as a misunderstanding or misreading of intent. Or, it could be something tripe and contrived, a scenario wholly concocted for the purpose of starting a war--it could be intentional and orchestrated.

When a war first begins, few people are usually in on the reasons why it started. Common folk are simply going about their business when all hell breaks loose. What's going on here? Hey, wait a minute, I didn't sign up for this! I don't want to fight to the death over this -- I don't want to fight at all! But nevertheless, once the battle's begun, once the bomb’s dropped, once the fists start to fly or the first shots ring out, denying the situation could only lead to death or defeat.

Thus, it is absolutely imperative to realize when one is caught up in a war, even if, or perhaps especially if, it is not a war of one's choosing.

You may be wondering how this relates to current events, or it may be self-explanatory. Regardless, the provocative question arises: Are we at war? We are certainly in the midst of heated conflict, and any reasonable person must realize that culture wars are tearing our country apart:

But are we at war war?

The corrupted and contested 2020 election, the many unanswered questions surrounding January 6th, the incessant political infighting, the attempted political assassinations--all of this and more clearly indicates that our country is suffering a political war. This is a step beyond culture wars, which are largely fought over conflicting values. Political warfare often has unintended consequences, not the least of which is the onset of outright war.

Given the full scope of current events, the fact that we are at war, at least culturally and politically, seems an unavoidable and undeniable conclusion.

But are we at War?

With all the speculation about World War III and the ongoing war in Ukraine, it would be appropriate to approach this question in the conventional sense as well. Obviously we are not at war in the traditional sense, as in the Civil War or the Revolutionary War—there are not millions of Americans running around with weapons looking to shoot and kill the enemy.


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